Install Intex PC TV Capture - Internal TV Tuner

Intex PC TV Capture (Internal TV Tuner) combines the function of TV tuner and Video capture.
Price on Dec 10, 2008 = Rs 850 ( 18$ approx.) in India.

Package content
TV Tuner card - 1
CDROM Driver - 1
Cable: Audio cable - 1
Remote Controller - 1
Remote Receiver - 1
Battery - 2

Hardware Installation
1. Turn off your computer first. Remove the case and insert this TV tuner/capture card into a PCI slot. And put the PC case back.
2. Plug in the TV Cable to the TV card.
3. Plug in the audio cable (that comes with the TV tuner) into the audio output port( Green port ) of this TV Tuner card. Connect other end of the audio cable to the "Line-in" port ( blue port) of the PC ( sound card ).
4. Plug in the Remote controller sensor. Put the reciever near your Monitor.
5. Now turn on the Computer.


Intex PC TV Capture card how install Shoft wayar