Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo on ZEE TV

Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo is a story of seventeen-year-old Laali's (Ratan Rajput) optimism about life and her courage and compassion when it comes to rescuing her family from the throes of hunger and abject poverty. Laali lives with her parents and her younger siblings in a village called Koyna in Bihar. They come from a low caste and by profession are rat killers or 'Musahars' who help the Zamindars to protect their land and homes from infestation. Laali's father, Nanku, has to struggle hard everyday to get food for his family. At times, when he is unable to provide for them, a spirited Lalli comes to the rescue and somehow manages to make some arrangement to feed her family. Lalli has two younger sisters Rekha and Labli and a brother Munna.
Laali is very optimistic and a dreamer. Laali was married off when she was a child and does not even remember what her husband looks like. Lalli is waiting for her gauna and dreams of the day when her Ganeshya would take her along. Nanku and Laali's mother Majri also want Laali's gauna to take place so that she lives happily with her in-laws. Though at present, this seems next to impossible as the gauna ceremony means arranging for a lot of money. The reality is that managing two square meals is a huge struggle for Nanku.
How long will Laali have to wait for her dreams to come true or will she have to sacrifice her dreams for her family?