Sajan Ghar Jana Hai on Star Plus

Sajan Ghar Jana Hai is about the life of Dhani who is a young and naïve girl, the only daughter of Rohini - a widow. Dhaani’s mother always dreamt of getting her daughter married in a good household. Her dream comes true when Badri Narayan, an affluent, high caste Brahmin comes with a marriage proposal for his son Amber. Tragedy strikes just when the marriage ceremonies are completed and it is time for Dhaani’s Vidaai. Badri Narayan discovers that Dhaani belongs to schedule cast. He becomes livid and refuses to accept Dhaani as his daughter in law. Amber is left with no choice but to leave Dhaani behind.
Both mother and daughter are left heartbroken and listless. Dhaani tries her best to make Amber’s father agree to the marriage but all in vain. Fate takes another twist when Amber is forced to get married to another girl, Sarla who is as simple and naïve as her name. Time flies until Dhaani decides to take the bold step of entering her husband’s household in the disguise of a naukrani, all in an attempt to seek solace in following her patni dharam and serving her husband. Dhaani and Sarla develop a special bond and Sarla magnanimously accepts Dhaani.
However, life is cruel to Dhaani yet again…Amber discovers that the naukrani is actually his love, his wife, the woman he always longed for. Soon, Amber and Dhaani’s love blossoms during their clandestine meetings. However, Amber’s father finds out and throws Dhaani out of the house. With her mother no more, Dhaani is left all alone in the world with no place to go to.
Where does Dhaani go?
Will she be able to go back to her husband?
Or will she find a life savior in someone else?
Watch Sajan Ghar Jana Hai to know what is in store for Dhaani, Amber and Sarla.

Cast: Kunal Bhatia, Abigail Jain, Neha Saxena, Vidya Sinha, Gun Nayyar, Geetanjali Mishra
Produced By: Sumit - Shashi Mittal
Show time: Monday -Friday, 8:30 PM


hey ever body i watch you vieos

hi dhani & amber
i like both of u vvvvvvvvvvvvvv much.....this drama is really very nice and as well all characters are vv good....plzzzzzzzzzzzz dnt leave each other even in drama...i watched all episodes of this drama & found really v v wonderful..
i request producer & director of this drama through my comment plzzzzzzzzz never end this serial....