Samsung LED TV Superior to LCD HDTV

The all new Samsumg LED TV uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as the light source. These LEDs consume less power and produce deeper blacks along with brightest and the most vibrant images.

Why is Samsung LED TV superior?
Crystal Design: Breathtaking Crystal Design lends an aesthetic appeal to your living room,. also, its myriad shades come alive under different lighting conditions.

Deeper Blacks: Mega Contrast and deeper blacks are realized by intelligently adjusting LEDs brightness levels.
Brighter colours: A large colour palette adds greater depth and richness to your viewing experience.

Sharper Images: 100 HZ motion plus and shorter response time ensures even faster moving pictures are crystal clear.

Showcase it like a painting: The Samsung LED TV can be showcased as a masterpiece in your living room with an Ultra Slim Wall Mount.

Entertainment with Content Library (flash): Art, Games, Yoga, Recipes. Enjoy it all on your Samsung LED TV with a built-in Content Library, You can also expand your library by downloading new content.

Play Multimedia files with USB 2.0: Simply connect any portable digital media device to the LED TV via USB 2.0 input and watch all your movies, photos and music on big screen.