Gurpreet Kaur - Lux Perfect Bride Contestant

Gurpreet Kaur Sandhu
Date of Birth and Age: Dec 7th, 1987; 21 yrs
Qualification: BMM Advertising
Profession: Assistant Director (Yash Raj)
Family: Nuclear family consisting of father, mother, 2 younger sisters and younger brother
Caste: Sikh

What are your expectations from a Life Partner?
Should be open minded, should give me space and must be as passionate about life as I am.

What is your definition of a perfect bride?
Someone who will be carry herself with dignity, have self esteem, confident, the mind to maintain a balance between her own family and her in laws.

How are you preparing for the show?
I am preparing myself mentally so that I look for my partner keeping in mind my values and traditions but not blocking it completely.

What qualities are you looking for in your partner?
Should be a family man, and religious to some extent. He should be willing to love me as I am.

What made you choose this medium to find your groom?
I want to be blessed by the whole world when I choose my life partner and this is possible through a vast medium such as television.

How do you plan to impress your mother in law?
She will get a daughter when she wants and a daughter in law when she chooses, so this is how I am planning to impress her.

What according to you is the mantra for a perfect match?
Compatibility, adjustment and flexibility.

Which celebrity couple do you admire the most?
Avantika and Yash Birla


u r good ...way to go

gurpreet rajdeep de pichey hath do k pe ja ... ohdey to wadia munda tenu labhna ni

hey gurpreet,
I like ur smile n eyes. You are good and i think will go a long way in this contest. Just maintain your cool like you always do and be caring like you are!!! Be careful, dont let urself loose like few others in contest! Good luck dear :)

gurpreet ji..u r good ji..!!
all the best

gurpreet yashdeep is best 4 you... keep going u both look good best of luck

hey..u guys looked grt for the date in last episode. gurpreet u looked so fine in white frook and green jacket!! good luck!

have a never say no attitute...
u were goin so good in ur role as basanti...y did u stop!! i know u get a block sometimes but agli baar nahi.

i like what u r doin.. u focus on the man whom u want to b with..if u r comforatble enough with him, then go to know more about familes( mothers) better to let saas know from day 1 k "saare kaam unse pooch k nahi karne"..otherwise they give a hard time in future..don't butter like madam priyanka n pooja.

u n yash looked so cute yest on date..!!

Hi Gurpreet.
Ur n Yashs couple jus rock!! Jus try to talk n find a comfortzone with his mom now. She thinks ur abit childish - so u have to proove that ur not :)

Wish u n Yash all the best! Chak de phatte!!

Love from Mandip from Norway (",)

Things you should know about Yashdeep Nain:
The day is not far when the world gets to know the true you.Act as long as you can because thats your passion.To fool people with your oh-so-cute looks but only few know what lies behind that mask. You are a perfect player as you very well know how to play with someone's emotions, feelings including your family members.Just see the plight of your mother.You have just dragged her to the show.She's so uncomfortable, she's not even 0.1% interested. You are bonding with gurpreet for your selfish means n may i say cunning reasons. Just Because she's a hotshot assitant director and in future she can provide you work under yashraj banner.Man you are smart.As you wont find a better oppurtunity other than this.
Sweet gurpreet n all those wana be his gf's and friends, a word of caution: he isn't what he seems. He is quite manipulative, hynotic, heartless, mean, shrewd, sadistic, a real-loser-in-real-life guy.Stay away. He is actually a conman.
This whole thing is actually from bunch of people who got the shock of their lives knowing the geniune hard facts. Watchout this space,newspaper,tv for more.
Truth prevails.

hi gurpreet.!!

mujhe esa lagta h ki tumhari smile bahut pyri h. u r free minded person as like yashdeep.tum dono me bhut sari similarities h .jaise wo bhut kum bolta h tum bhi,khud ki dhun me swar rhte ho, khane pine ke shokeen ho or sabse bri bat ki onscreen tum dono ki jodi jabardust lagti h. so meri taraf se aap dono ko best wishes.

hiizz Gurpreet...
this is Navi from Patiala (Punjab)
Gurpreet u r so cute, u knw ur smile is so cute aisa lagta hai ki tum jab haste ho to sara jahaan khushiyon se jhoom raha hai... i like ur smile & ur nature... i pray to god tumhari har wishes puri ho...kep smile... god bless u... tc

gurpreet it will be always better if you could maintain your attitude.and please dont be to after yeshdeep

gurpreet i want to simply say i love you and i love you very muchhhh

gurpreet ,u r good! rally can't say whether yashdeep likes u or not.. u r a good n cute lookin to other guys if yash doesnt get how good u r...

Yashdeep is actually 25+.He has tried his hands in mtv roadies,splitsville and other reality shows.He's struggling desperately to get a foothold in industry.Gurpreet n yashdeep hav bonded coz they wanted the on-screen chemistry to look told to an ex-participant by gurpreet.They want to hog the limelight thats the wat whom gurpreet is trying to fool?An assistant director planning to get married by 21.N such a contrast,Yashdeep has written in his profile that his n his mother's choice will match so why all this

hi gurpreet ur so sweet.yashdeep is a perfect one for u...i wish u all the very best.

u hve taken a wise decision gur. Yashdeep is not the man 4 u. by d way he dsnt look like a man only in d first place. u deserve 1000 times better. all d best.

hey gurpreet my gud wishes is vid u...n u r the perfect bride in the shw...n yash also lyks due 2 his mothr he is unable 2 say anythng wrng on the shw...vekhi oh last ch apni mom nu mna hi laiga...
may god fulfil ur alwishes.....
b happy...:)

hayo rabba tuadi smile kinni cute haigi....n tuadi eyes de ta khne hi kya...y u said 2 yash dat u r not as much charming as the odr gals u r the most in dis shw...
wat a body figure u hv....

Gurpreet you dont have any respect towards the elders. When you cannot respect his mother in front of the Camera, God knows what you will do inside her house.

May God save Yashdeep.

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Hi Gurpreet, hope u will read this comment. I dont think Yashdeep is perfect match 4 u, for sure he is a mismatch.. he seems to be unstable about his decisions. spent sometime with Rajveer, he looks gud and has a gud mother as well.dont waste ur time for Yashdeep..It was gud 2 hear u expressing urself so confidently. All the best!!!!!!!!

hi gurpreet am a very Big fan of uuu... i love u ......... soo much ur cute, down to earth, lovable and a perfect bride of show, u rock the show.. i love u sooo much...
u and yashdeep look very good with each other and ur both compliment each other i hope u people contiue ur relation...and marry each other..., i dont know y? yasdeep mother dont like u and she dont have any answer to ur question, i think yasdeep has to understand ur feeling too...
gurpreet dont worry everthing will be alright with good people and god is with u always...., dont cry becoz ur tears r very percious to ur fans, i think yasdeep will understand ur feeling and come back to u becoz only ur the true person on the show and ur a perfect bride too...... love uuuu always and keep smiling.......

gurpreet kaur u rock the show .... plz dont waste ur tears for a waste person on show... i love ur smile....

hey yashdeep dont break gurpreet heart she is a nice girl and cutee so plz dont dare to break her heart.. and u cant get a perfect bride like gurpreet on show... rest is ur wish ...

hey gur!!
u r such a sweet girl..u taught that doc to make kheer when u urself must b so sad after hearin that shezz gettin close to yash..
u r really nice. u r nt actin in show like others are... what pooja, priyanka are doin wll show to their wud b MIL's when they actually stay 2gether.
but, u r real.
start lookin for other guys also...

yashdeep like sweet dish that is why you are teaching nandita to make kheer, so nice of you, stay calm and ignore yashdeep mother i mean hitler..otherwise you will also loss you temper and go crazy.bless you.

Hope you win and dont choose yash as ur grrom..
Mwwwwwah... of luck..ab yash k peeche mat jana..hez spineless...go for rajbeer.he doesn't even look good wth moti priyanka. ha ha!! watch her face when sudeshrani was chosen as mother of week second!!

go for vivek.. hez a grt support n good guy to friends wth him..baad may decide for next step :)

I hate you man gurpreet you are so damn rude yar I don't even think that you like Yashdeep dil se yar because you are so slefish and slef absorbed to not even consider his feelings. remember dear marriage isn't just about having your husband put sindoor in your maang everyday like you had mentioned in one episode marriage is about lifelong commitmnent and quite frankly I do not think that you have what it takes to be anybody's life partner. The reason you are able to blind so many people is becuase I will give you one positive thing about you and that is that you are good looking but dear to make a marriage work good looks can only go so far. and stop hating on Pritaka you are just jealous of her she is the only real person on the show tho speak her mind. I liked how she stood up and totally bashed that b*****d hitesh and mom while nobody had the guts to do it. get out of the show and go be a hooker you cheap half naked uncultuarl girl. I am going to steal yahsdeep away from you becuase I have something that you don't have and that is US citizenship! I HATE GURPREET KAUR SHE HAS A BAD ATTITUDE!!!!

GURUPREET KAUR you are so cute and I like ur smile and ur good qualities.
Be as you are dont listen to others.
You and Yash are like made for each other.
Dont loose hope till the end.

I wish you all the best.

Mere tarah se YOU ARE "PERFECT BRIDE".

Hello Gurpreet

Ill tell u first thing yashdeep is not a perfect guy for ur.apni mom ka gulam hai . ur a perfect girl so dont be embrance aapki ankho me tears ache nahi lagte plz keep smile enjoye ur life yash nhi koi or yash se acha milega tumko .plzzzzzzz haste raho tum or plz lux perfect bride banke yashdeep ko bahar ka rasta dikhao.bbye tccccccc

Congrats!!! u looked amazin for lux Diva bride..AMAZING!!!!

am scared for u...just wishin n prayin u r nt eliminated next!

u r such a sweety gurpreet...
i really am shocked of ur elimination. u r real good!! but never mind, u wll do grt in life..All the best wishes are alwaysz wth u.

Hi gurpreet..! Tum bohot hi sweet aur pyaari ho. Bhale hi tum is show se eliminate ho gayi ho but u have proved urself by winning the beautiful bride tag. U will believe or not u r the 1st girl jiske is show se nikalne par meri aankhon me aansuun aa gaye.
Mujhe lagta hai ki yash ab bhi tumse pyar karta hai ,meri to bas yahi dua hai ki tumhe tumhara pyar mil jaye. Insha allah yash aur tum phir se ek ho jao. And i will miss u alot in this show.

hey hi! gurpreet!!!ur elimination was a kind of a shock. but u were lookin gr8 in that pink ghaghra. nd trust me ny man will go gaga over u so why r u wastiin ur love care nd energy on a mama's boy. if he has tat much sense he would hv made n effort which he didnt. so ceer up girl nd i thnk if we meet v can b gr8 frndz as i m just lyk u i say wat i hv 2. thr r too many similaritiesin us. so if possible will luv to meet u. take care.

i dont know why people say ..i am from us ,what taht mean??u are very mature ..i am leaving in canada but i think gurpreet is a lovely girl having evrything only at age of 21 ..she is muh better so called a doctor nandita and many other girls ..yash mom like nandaita who has no strong character,priyanaka a big drama and pooja who is fake ..raj mom also does't like priyanka but she never behaves like yash's mom ..u have rigt to choose someone but not like that...she insulted a young girl for nothing if yash's mom do same thing with nandita or any other girl they gonna worst than gurpeet on that day..but gurpreet u were a charm of this show but without u there is no left for perfect bride i wish i can talk to u i ..if u read this message plz send me reply ..thanks a lot u and take care

Hello Gurpreet,

Although you are not in the show. But I want to say That you show your purity of your personality. A human is a mixture of all the feelings. I think You are the best. When you were eliminated i was crying. I will pray for you kai tumhain tumhara Pyaar mil jai. Yash Plz plz. Gurpreet ko aik mauqa aur dau. Ghalteyaan kes sai nahee hauteen. SHe is to young to understand. But the Gesture she showed in the end and they way she hugged your mother is very much men to all the views. She was a purely caring girl. Please Yash Don't Ignore this fact that she loves you a lot Please give her a chance!!!!! I wll be very happy if you Got Married with Gurpreet! I will pray for a good future for both of you

OMG!!! i cant believe it...u r back sweety...i had stopped watchin the show. my friends told me about ur wild card entry..superb!!

oye siniye!! welcome back. am glad u r there was so ugly to watch show now.. as sudesh rani sed, u r the jaan of the show. u r good lookin, fast in work n good at anyth n everyth.

am so happy gurpreet that u r there in the show now..i beleiev, u r the only deserving candidate to win the title of perfect bride." sarv gun sampann" good looks! good manners! good way to keep house!!

gur ji.. tusi wapis aa gaye. wadiya!!
hope yash's mom dosent trouble u more n understand that u r really nice girl. so many sed on the stage. hope that wicked lady also understands/

yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u r back now..i wanted u to b back on show. get the title now. nothings stoppin u, u deserve!

hii gurprit im very happy about to see you back in the show and im glade to see you as crown on your head
aur please yash ki mom ko convience karoo aur try to show how respective ur dekhoo yash too tumhay chahta hai par uski mom ko manaloo kyunkii she loves you but something she wants to see in urs character that is missing so please unki izzat ziyada karoo yeah koi chaploosi nahi hai yeah too tumhari anaywalii ife ki bahut aham kirdaara hai kyunki koi bhi ladka uski maa kay khilaaf nahi jaygaa he is not mama's boy he is good hearted and charming personality guy.. you both look awaseome... may god fullfill urs dream and wishes my blessing are with you.. main roz aapka intezaar karta tha aapnahi hai too show ka koi matlab nahi hai
aapkay bad koi hai candiate too woh hai priyanka and third is rumpa...

gurpreet....go home....
u think you have done a big achievement by coming back...see her attitude ..dude...
she thinks too much of herself....
I think yashdeep’s mother has the right to express her choice of bride and there is nothing wrong with that. All unnecessary drama is created by other housemates. IF gurpreet cannot handle rejection, its her problem. Also yashdeep has the right to choose to listen to his mother or just marry gurpreet. I think his choice to listen to his mother is a good one…wat kind of a son are you when u dont listen to your mother. i think he made the right choice and he will be a good husband also… because he will take care of his wife also in the future….
Good going yashdeep…………

hah!! i think the above person is kinda J with!

Gurpreet you are the best contestant on the show. I really hope you win the title & if Yashdeep doesn't realize your worth than its his loss. You should be with someone who understands & appreciates your feelings. You feel definitely find someone much better than him. U R The Best!!!

I wasnt interested to watch LPB because you were evicted but I can watch now since you are back. hey dont listen to hitesh mom's. She doesnt have good intention towards you. Just dont listen to anyone blindly.
have to check whats their ulterior purpose behind their saying..
Good luck..

Gurpreet, what you are doing now is good for good to yashdeep's mom as you had clash with her before, be good to others as well.
Even if you don't get yashdeep as your partner but you wont have any regret when you leave from LPB....
Its good to bow down a little towards elders even if elders are wrong, that shows how great you are in the end...

Gurpreet, you have to be strong now.... fight for yourself....
Hope that Yash will realise your worth..

Even if he doesn't realise your worth, it is his loss... dont be sad over it....There are many fish in pond....
Show is not the end of your life or choice...
Life is itself a show...
You may meet better one outside the show... Only God knows....

Your innocence shows in your face, please keep smiling....

gurpreet.. u r nice.wish n pray u become " LUX PERFECT BRIDE'

i find you adorable gurpreet. if yashdeep n his mom doesn't accept u, it will be there biggest loss up to date. ask yashdeep's mom specifically about what she wants in her bride that she thinks is missing in u. c whether u can learn those traits... then she'd have no reason to not accept u... n please try to keep a hold on urself n it comes to speaking up... u know it too dat sometimes u lose it a little... if someone is doing injustice to u, its visible to us.. so try n avoid confronting elders in a way dat myt hurt them even if it hurts u... cuz truth is always visible even if u dont enunciate it. love u gurpreet. wish u all the best

Hi Gurpreet,

I love 2 c u n Yash together always...u both are made for each other..

Hi Gurdeep,

I luv 2 c u with Yash...i think u made 4 each other.....
Please try 2 arrange the things with his Mom...

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Gurpreet, Forget yashdeep, he is not worth of your single tear. Move on.. There must be lot of guys outside waiting for you...

Gurpreet, be strong. become great director one day, i will definately watch your movie. Hey, Yashdeep doesnt have guts to fight for any girl. You are wasting time on him. You will definitely find great
guy outside show and you are just 21.
You have good heart everyone can see. You dont have find groom inside the show.

Gurpreet, its getting clear day by day that Yashdeep is not as logical and fair and man enuf as we all thought he was in the beginning of the show. there is something wrong with his approach. he is logical enuf to say that "he cannot decide about marriage by just one or two meeting with a girl" but he turns his face and becomes illogical by completely giving up on a girl without making an honest attempt to solve a solvable situation. he just turns away. Even though its late, i still have some hope left for Yashdeep to come to his senses and give Gurpreet a second chance. I mean, yashdeep if u feel gurpreet has ego and she doesn't respect elders, at least tell her that these are the things you dont like about her, give her a second chance to learn these which i feel she can learn in a flash, and then if it doesn't work out, leave her. but not without trying mann. dont be soooo stupid. :(

Gurpreet, you deserve a second chance with Yashdeep more than he deserved a first chance with you.

gurpreet u r too good piche nahein hatna we r all with u best of luck

hey gurpreet u r nice , talented n an adorable girl. I liked u n yash as a couple .. but some times u need keep a hold on ur tongue coz it might harm ur image .. n stop shedding tears thinking abt yash...instead be strong n interact with everyone .. u r back on show with a reason n prove urself to b the best .. wish u good luck sweety..

i agree with u pearl :)
best wishes gurpreet

Hey gurpreet you r so sweet I love your smile and your innonence you are my favourite all the best to you i hope you win the cotest I love you a lot

i second that....

lol, c how much i support always commenting here every chance i get..

3 cheers for gurpreet.. :)

LPB show... 24 ghante ek din mein nikalte hian yeh log .. aur show aata hai 21 mins ka .. bahut si aisi baatein hain jo chupi rahti hain .. bahut si aisi baatein hain jo show wale edit karte hain ... ki agar logon ko sachayi pata chal gayi to ??
show pe bahut se log fake hain .. cameras ke samne rote hain aur chup chup kar bitching karte hian .. show ke andar jo fake tears aur emotions dikhte hain unse zyada hum bahar walon ki feelings hurt hoti hain.. show mein toh yeh Gurpreet jaisi ladkiyan jinhe kisi se baat karne ki tamiz nahin hai aur ek frend se yeh bhi suna hai ki Gurpreet bahut abusive hai... evrything is fake .. aur bhi bahut se raaz hain Gurpreet ke .. aur agar kisi ko doubt ho to us se interact karke dekh lena sab clear ho jayega .. but leave it ... why should some one waste time talking abt Gurpreet ..


Love the way u and rumpa gave priyanka nicely..shez a big Drama..She shud have been out during the first weeks only. But we wud be devoid of the drama of the DRAMA QUEEN.-Ms PRIYANKA.hate her from the core.

gurpreet yaar!!! maza aa gaya the way u sed so much to priyanka..aur bhi sunana tha yaar!!

get priyanka out of the show..she shud not be the
'perfect bride". Gurpreet shud be the perfect bride.she is smart, self made, confident,humble and outspoken at the same time.

Gurpreet is rude, arrogant, bossy and bully. God save the who bullies her.


Well, I'm "Sruthi Sreejith Sreedharan". I stay in USA/INDIA. U can find me through orkut. I just love u sweety. U rocks. Look Yash is not the perfect one. He chages is partner's like any cake. You choose a modelling world and u deserve much much better person than him. By the way, talk to "Harshit Saxena" singer- I think he likes u. He is perfect for u.

Or if u really like Yash then talk to him out of the show. As he is always concerned abt the camera and camera and camera ...
Good Luck ahead !!! Sweety.
God bless ya :)



LOV U AND YASH (only if he marry's u)

take care sweety
U rocks

gurpreet, why u r so hungry for wedding? ur behave is so rude. u hav no quality to be a perfect bride. i would like to thx yash becoz he took a right decision by refusing u.

Gurpreet i want to see a perfect bride because you are the strong contestant who desrve the title of perfect and rumpha both are very clear hearted and not fake like others...........i am feeling very sad bcoz i have seen tears in your eyes..and your eyes was saying everything....i can understand your pain ...i only can give you lots of blessing and will do pray to god... get back your love........god bless you and be successfull....dont change should be remain in you for todays world.


u such a preety girl in all
u r the QUEEN of the show

satshriakal gurpreet jo hoya vadiya hoya be cool god bless you, now keep smiling always, simple boy=

satshriakal gurpreet jo hoya vadiya hoya be cool god bless you, now keep smiling always, simple boy=

i dont know y so many people blame gurpreet..she was just natural..she had become a little bitter towards the end..thanx to what she had suffered..everytime she cried it was awful..somehow i really feel sorry 4 her..not only did she lose her love but also her clean image..she is hardly 22 and has a long way to go. Yashdeep was simply not worth her and she should have realised this a little sooner..hope she grows up soon and gets over this debacle..she should get a loving and caring husband