Lux Perfect Bride Contestants

The purpose of this show is simple: to find the "Perfect bride" and who else but the mother knows about what is best for her son!

10 girls from all over India under one roof…
5 of India's most eligible boys…
All with one main aim- To find their Perfect Match!

It is all about emotions, conflict and of course romance, as each girl tries to win over the boy of her choice while each boy vies for his favourite girl!

But nothing comes easy and there is one BIG TWIST which could change everything- The boys' mothers will stay with the girls to find their perfect bahu and their sons are forced to answer the age-old question.

Amrita Bhattacharya
Gurpreet Kaur Sandhu
Nandita Sharma
Pooja Tandon
Priyanka Sharma
Priyanka Varshney
Rumpa Roy
Suchitra Jha
Swati Bajbai
Vrinda Dawda

Gaurav Narang
Hitesh Chauhan
Rajbeer Singh
Vivek Agrawal
Yashdeep Nain


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u should invite all the sisters of boys.these sis should remain atlast with the remaining girls.the sisters will live in girls room and also they can go to boys area in day this the show will become spicy and the perfect bride choosen in last will be really a perfect bahu.

rajbeer yaar kujh to sharam kar yaar..
apne app ko dekh or kiskey sath tu ishq lada raha hai dekh.teri mum ne vrinda ko tere liye select kiya hai. woh tere liye sab se achi kudi hai.. then pooja,,then gurpreet.. priyanka shrma to bilkul bhi khoosoorat nahi hai.. chod de use yaar

No Rajvir is a good guy, that Hitesh Chauhan is the least deserved person to stay in that show !! How the hell he knows anything about Yash's family and look at him the way he talk about yash and mostly about his family.....and the way he mimicked about Priyanka Sharma's way of singing song.....its just disgusting.
People shoild eliminate him first.

Yep.. Hitesh..A very aggressive guy.. Who doesn't even know how to talk to somebody. Many times I have noticed this about this guy. And, the way he said "I will beat u next time" to Rajbir when Rajbir won the task.. He was way too aggressive with everyone. He better realize it.

Pls Rajbir dnt go on looks, Priyanaka is perfect match for you, Poooja is always doing chamchagiri....Gossiping she is best for hitesh,and Vrinda cute,sweet hai bt Priyanka is best match 4 u, Its a matter of your whole life....Be careful from chaluu type Kanya's

rajbeer is a sweet guy..very understanding and not are everyone.but hitesh is the worst man i have ever seen..he is so aggressive,revengefull, and very hypocrytic..look at the way he spoke about yash..and it was disgusting the way he immitated priyanka..everyone has their own style ...we should not hurt others feelings...when he can hurt ppl so badly how could one lead a life with this man..his brought up is not good..gaurav is decent so is yash and vivek..rabeer tries not to interfere with anyones problems so is his mother..she has given him a good life..yes..vrinda is very sweet so is priya but at the end it is rajbeer who has to feel comfortable..pooja is very diplomatic and nandita is sensible..this is what i felt..but..hitesh has to be kicked out of the show as he is going to ruin the show backbiting and bringing in fights..hw could vivek tell that yash din work he was cuttig veges when he was dancing ..vivek is a dumb a very matured man..but..hitesh is not intrested in his life..he is more concerned about irirtating others..he never felt happy about rajbeer winning what a was his hardwork..he is a spoilt sport..and a man not fit fora life..discusting hitesh, try to change urself..u r a nasty man...yuk

ya,i agree with u veena,u said the right thing,not only hitesh,his mummy s also like that...irritating & interfering on other's matter....she'll never be a good saas & if pooja become her bahu,defenitely she'll suffer.....but if hitesh selected suchitra,his mummy'll suffer......she s such a bold & nice girl....

If Rajbir likes Priyanka den go wit it...its ur life,u hav 2 decide no1 else..she's perfect 4 was nice seein u both dating.Hitesh has crossed d limit..n d way he immitated Priyanka was disgusting.Other gals
Nandita,Gurpreet,Pooja,Rumpa r also cute 1s...anyway Al d Best!!!

i thnk d hottest boy on the show is yashdeep n he should not do any narriage he can earn lots of money he can be an actor on star yashdeep just thnk about it...nobody stand infront of u...u r d best i lov u......

i love hitesh for imitating that slut priyanaka ....hitesh rocks ...i watch the show for hitesh

Hi Rahveer. I m toally agrre with Mr Harpreet. Yaar Sach me. Aap ko kuch to sochna chahiye. U r a PUNJABI and oh v ikala PUNJABI nahi sath me JATT v hai. To kyo Naak Katva raha hai hum Punjabiyo ki. Pathankot walo ki nahi to Hoshiarpur walo ki he Beijati mat Karva. Ok. VARINDa. Wah! She is so cute. Shod Priyanka ko. Uski Smile Dekhi Hai, UUUUNN. Muje bilkul v pasand nahi hai. Aj Aap varinda k sath date pe ja rahe ho and i hope this will make a new chemistry in between u and her. So keep it on my PUNJABI JATT. Oye JATT ki te Ghatt ki. So kuch v Ghatt nahi karna hai. U r the Smarter one in all. So Sab to Sohni Kudi le k ayi Kanjra. RAJ(HOSHIARPUR) PUNJAB

rajbeer priyanka is a very good & sincere girl for u,she is careing & proudless girl,and she perfectly matched with u.

yashddep pls make connection with vrinda,She is cute girl,u both will look like a romantic couple

u r right grishma but this is sa reality show,after yashdeep u will say rajbeer also can be a actor

hi raj yaar meri ek gal man prinka tere layak nahi hai tu apni pasand chenge kar yaar.teri mammi ji bhuth achi hai apni mammi ko ek achi si bahu

hey priyanka looks gud with rjveer,hitesh is very irritating guy as the way he makes fun of all.his mother is very much horrible,her bahu will sure survive,vrinda should go with yash,both looks gud.

raj pls yaar pls priynka ko chod de yaar, uski jagah pe vrinda ko pakad,, dekh yaar
1. vrinda tere pe puri senti hai..
2. tu yaar u.p di bhayiraani k sath shaadi karega...
3. woh attitude ki bhari padi hai..
4. friends pe tere sath hone ka roab dalti hai.
5. woh tere sath teri beauti ki fan hai..
6. she not loves u...
7. she is possesive about u.. but not loves u..
8 teri mum bhi usey pasand kam karti hai....
9. kam se kam apni mum se to puch le yaar..

aur iske bilkul ulat vrinda hai..
she is really cute. gentle, with dressing sense

hi guys,

Guys u need to see who is real and who is fake. there is lot of emotional drama going which is a lot is fake. Its very crystal clear

best and cutest girl - pooja
sensible and mature girl - pooja

Priyanka - has lot of ego, won't give space, fakes many time by trying to cry which is really immature

Gurpreet - she is also great when it comes to her eyes and she has also a great body and beauty.

But in the end i can say tat the best girl would be pooja as she has beauty with intelligence which is actually a plus point and she really mixes well.

vrinda is just acting she wants an handsomeguy she doesnt even know the meaning of love.when amrita asked her what will u do if ur hubby goes bald she said wigs market mein milte hain.gurpreet said yash that vrinda wants to dance wth vrinda got chance she had choosen raj if her love was true y she wanted to dance wid yash.

she only wants a handsome guy who ever it may be nothing more than that and raj mom played politics and made won vrinda on that task nothing more than that.she likes vrinda and she knw vrinda likes raj so she choosed her as she knows vrinda will select raj and priya is possesive and she had seen what misunderstandings took place bfr coz of pooja she wanted to happen it agan by vrinda.its d part of game

rajbir to sunderlarka kuri bhi sunder honi chahiy.priyanka match nahi karte.

software method.

Rajbeer is amodel...dont know if he is faking or waiting for right moment to tell everyone:-
check here:-

hey guys chill out its only a photo shoot any one can do that he is not a ramp or brand model

priyanka u r da perfect bride,, u nd rajbeer make a very nice couple, pooja is cunning girl , we cn see it frm her face, so try to get more clse to rajbeer be safe frm pooja's traps

Hitesh is really an immatured boy, he just act like a mature guy but the truth is he is so immatured.

pooja was d part of a punjabi movie released in 2008- sat sri akal..
here's d link-

pooja's portfolio-

u collect lots of info abt pooja

hey u know that puja tondon is a vj and a punjabi actress...SHOCKED ...same with me..i got it in youtube ...she s all fake...and i am thinking why the show did'nt reveal that....take a look up in the link of you tube...

and her portfolios

hey guys i got another music vedio of puja tandon...

shocking to knw..that it is never revealed in the show...y?

take a look...copy paste d link

Mr./Ms. Anonymous who thinks Priyanka is a slut, maybe you did not know that your Mom may have been a slut, and that's how you were born.

hi priyanka rajbeer is the very best jodi for u..i want to see u and rajbeer as wife and nt loose him take care priyanka

Why are the tasks for grooms all on their physical strengths?

Seeing that they are would-be grooms, their tasks should be on the following:

1. Monthly budget.
2. Shopping for food.
3. Managing the home. etc.

I think, the show would have been perfect without few Pain in da bum that is Hitesh...his mother... and Gaurav's mom... These people may rightly be termed as backward classes of the human race... since 1- they have no respect for others around them...
2- They are first to poke in other people's business
3- They dont like to be joked upon.. however they think it is their right to joke on anybody..
4- They have absolute filthy mouths.. and that their filthy mouths should be broken urgently..
5- All they want is to Grumble... Grumble... and grumble..
6- They are farthest away from creativity and cleanliness of thoughts ....
7- They are mean, short tempered, and completely self induldged pigs..

hitesh feels he is the perfect man on earth. nanditha is a sensible female and if she is not his choice i feel he should ignore her not talk bad about her. she is a matured female..and the way gurpreet said that his mom dosent matter for her it is yash..she is his mom who has given birth and taken care of him for so many years. before getting married when this girl can comment this way how would she keep the family united? yash could have chosen vrinda i feel so...but it is bad to call or comment other females as slut..etc..we are just commenting and letting our hear outs..we should not show..our..??? outside..not good..just comments thats it..gourav is fine but hitesh mom's still playing her role....great manupulator. and gaurav's mom was so sweet when i heard about her comments about her daughter in law..she can eat non veg..but not cooking at home..very sweet and matured and understanding..def she would get along with her daughter in law..nice...and yash think twice???

there should be 1 such episode in which the mothers should select their respective choice of girl and the boys should go for a date with them.....phir dekhte hai show mein twist...masala mar ke.....

Yaar Rajvir. Tu Bahut Dheeth Banda hai. Tu Sachi Sadi Nakk Katva k he Rahega. Kyo Us Priyanka k Peeche pagal huya firta hai. Pagle j to dekh tere mummy ko vo pasand nai hai. or last Mulakat pe kya hua the. Uski Didi b tuje emotionaly blakmail kar rahi thi. par nahi. Tumhari to vo he baat hai k aap kuch b kar lo par HUM NAHI SUDHRENGE. Beta pashtayega bad me. Pta hai na hamare yaha punjab me kahavat hai k AULE DA KHADHA TE SYANE DA KAHA BAD VICH PATA LAGDA. Aje v time hai. Sambhal ja mere Sher Putt.

Hi Rajbeer...Priyanka is the best gal for you...

The last episode and the clips they showed for today make things more clear and this week gona see many twists i think:
1)Rajbeer parents asking him to meet other irls mainly Vrinda or Pooja. This brings following things in my mind:
all knows now that rajbeer is a model and here for showcasing himself. so is it start for him to distract himself from priyanka and try to leave show this week or in next elimination so that he can have fame also, good publicity also ( As good will in public is far better than bad publicity).Even if he leaves show now, he can have good career in modeling as he is already hit so no need to wait more.
and 1 % chance that he really looks for bride then lets see how he plays. Even for 99% i think he wants to put impression as guy who stand by him girl, who is emotional, who luvs from heart... u know.

2) Yashdeep is going to gain popularity. The guy is so real and good that I start thinking of him winning the show. The way he answers yesterday and the way he is showing snubs the vrinda when she try to come between him and Gurpreet. Good man. this is what a luv means. Once u had fallen in luv ,its your duty to show ur commitment. Wow man I really luv that. Wish u best of luck for life and if u get luv of life here then may u win the show.
3) Gaurav and Rumpa are almost settled. They will be there in last episode. Gaurav mother is sweetest guy. Like Gaurav said she is not diplomatic. And both likes Rumpa and Rumpa likes him. I am seeing no reason for them to not marry till now. And other thing both are real persons.he is from IIM she is faishion designer.Rumpa you are damn lucky girl whether you win or not if u marry Gauarv.

4) Is there a possibility that both Pooja and Raj knows each other. One struggling model and other struggling actress. both from Punjab and as he from pathankot its most likely first stop for he would have been chandigarh and may be they knows each other.

if rajbeer is real and looking for girl. Priyanka is best for you man. Its clear ur parents donot like her much but they r not against her either. If u stood by her, u both going to win the show thats sure.

And priynaks it must be true that u start getting vote because rajbeer likes u and there is chemistry but in last 3 weeks u carried urself with dignity and pose and quite well. People had started emotionally attach to u ,so behave well and whether rajbeer now or not u r going to get votes

priyanaka is perfect for both are looking excellent together.

rajbeer seems very emotional. and i think priyanka is cashing on his weakness. please someone tell him .choose varinda she suits with u. listen to ur moms eyes.try to do not let some one make fool of u.

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rajbir is good does not pass stuipd comments on contestant does not get involved in poltics going on in the show. pl some one tell him priyanka is not suitable for him. she is not showing her true colours on the show .

rajbir is good does not pass stuipd comments on contestant does not get involved in poltics going on in the show. pl some one tell him priyanka is not suitable for him. she is not showing her true colours on the show .


Hitesh is rude guy.He is so arrogant.He and his mummy are only going with looks of Pooja.Girls should throw Hitesh out of the show.

arre yaar koi hitesh ko is show sw hatao yaar..........he is so rude.......he dnt deserve dis show,rather he shud go for a mental checkup........and rajbeer u r 2 gud man......u nd priyanka luks awsum and makes a gud couple......yash....shakal se hi lagta hai ek no flirting larka hai....

pooja ek achi ladki hain.isiliye sabhi use like karte hain. agar wo actress hain bhi to kya bura hain usane aaj tak koi attitude nahi dikhaya. uski bhi life nhain yar

priyanka rajvir ki vajah se hi perfect bride of the week bani hain. warna usme aisi bat koi bat nahi. ha jodiya beauty dekhke nahi banti par priyanka to emotional black mail kar rahi hain yar.

hitesh acha hain. thoda uase apne gusse par kabu rakhna chahiye.aagar hitesh gussa karta hain to yashdeep bhi to karta hain shayad ladkiyonko yashdeep ki bat nahi dikh rahi hain

This is not done yaar........y is Rajbeer's Father doing this 2 Priyanka....1 is not having any rite 2 play with any 1's emotions!
pehlay sapnay dikhao...fir tod do!
ghar waalo se poochhna hi tha toh apne munde ko is show mein bhejna hi nahi tha na!
the show is b'cmng vry irritating nw!!!
is show mein kisi ki shaadi waadi nahi hone waali... last mein sab lad wad ke apne ghar ko niklenge n kuch din baad koi tv channel mein koi serial karte nazar aayenge!

Right said anonymous. But i think there is one hidden couple already in show, the couple who had already decided to get married.As I already said it all seems prepalnned, all looking for fame, serial or money. I think orgainzer has before hand chosen a engaged couple, who will win the show in end.
Yesterday I felt strong hatred towards Rajbeer Family. The way his dad was behaving.. rediculous.
The way he snubs Priynaks sister and then comment on karwa chauth and comment like rajbeer will have to ask from his bua and taya. Bullshit. Bua aur taya ko kyuon beech mein ghaseet liya. Without any reason. Just say it frankly and openly.

I like rajbeer and Priyanka pair the most they are made for each other.. she is in love so only she is possessive about rajbeer.. she is perfect bride.. for sure priyanka will win.. at last.. and i dont find puja very beautiful she has color and just her eyes are different colour but i dont find them good.. thats all. al the best rajbeer and priyanka...

i find this very irritating that parents feel guys are big enough to marry BUT not mature enough to choose
their partner!!! Hypocrisy at its best.. all participants are mostly good..all girls mostly adjusting..
its future MILs who cant change their thinking at all.

rajbeer convince your parents so that u can marry priyanka.. u both r made for each other.

pooja ki eyes billi ki ankhein hain, jinhe we punjabi call kachri ankhein.This eye color is associated with cunning persons

Ur rite Seema...actually catty eyes ppl r really known 4 their cleverness as wel as cunning attitude n d same goes with Pooja.
i evn hate Vrinda. POOJA n VRINDA,both r double faced gals in d show!
they r presenting themselves as they r vry sweet!!!!!!!! but heyyyy ppl hold on!!!!
try 2 c the correct side not the wrong 1.
joh dikhta hai woh asal mein hota nahi!!!!!

Rajbeer's is good looking. Priyanka is cunning and plain and ordinary looking. She is manipulating Rajbeer's simplicity. Priyanka walks like a man and eats like an uneducated female. I feel sorry for Rajbeer.

shamita if u see the show from the beggining thn u'v seen aswell dat it is rajbeer who shown hiz interest in priyanka from the very 1st day.priyanka never did anything to impress rajbeer which Vrinda always we all know dat rajbeer came here to make hiz own platform,hez not gonna marry to he got good excuse even dat hez family doesn't like sure he'll interact wid pooja vrinda gurpeet to stay till the end & finally he'll say theres no one dat i can feeling so bad for priyanka.bcoz of rajbeer she never interact wid anyone coz she was so sure abt rajbeer...poor girl:(

guys i feel so bad for priyanka.....yar ek tuo wase hi she is so upset upar se baki girls bitching kar rahi hai uske liye.....comments kar rahi hi ki u r tuo perfect bride.....harpreet i am not to all agree with u yar face value is not everything wo sirf ek time tak achi lagti hai......if u want ki rajbeer ko sirf sundr ladki se shaadi kari chaiye tuo pooja (FAKE) yar vrinda natak se kar le par usse baad mai pata chalega ki usne kitna galt kiya.....yar tum khud ek ladki ho tum ek ladki......sochu priyanka ko kitna bura lag raha hoga

Anonymous i agree with u......i like ur thinking yar bhar beth ke comment karna bhut asan hai but priyanka ko kitna bura lag raha hoga na

it is like the organisers have hand to increase the trp rates. they wanted to give a twist. we cannot blame much as marraige belongs to families it happens this way. rajbirs father din say priyanka was not good. he asked to talk to other women there so that he would know things better. there was no necessary of priyanka to talk to yash that way to irritate rajbir that sounded ridiculous. once things are going good be positive and thats it..and vrinda and other females feel left out as they dont have thier pair..i feel this game is not bonding a man and woman but breaking up families..where in the guys get along and the families don accept..and mother in law likes a female..and it is not a triangle is a pentagon or a octongon...i feel a game show is different ..but this is playing wihth the sentiments..there would be so much problems later...

hey guys...pooja is fake ,
do u know rajveer is also fake.he is a model.check it


I juss feel dat Vivek will be out from the show.coz he made priyanka upset to advise gurpreet to interact wid rajveer.I guess priyanka will take the right decision.coz vivek knows dat gurpeet & yash like each other same as raj & priya.he doesn't need to be act so smart.idiot...after talking wid nandita he start thinking himself very clever & more pooja showed her real color as she sed dat she juss consider heetesh as a frd not more then dat.basically she & raj came here to make their career so both of them not going for any kinda commitment which pooja already episode raj will be spoken the same...itz juss ma opinion

Anonymous i agree with u pooja is fake, showed her real color......& veena i know u r right but yar jase rajbeer ke father ne bola jis trah se bola its wrong ek dum se na koi intrest show kiya priyanka mai na usse ache se baat kri vrinda ko tuo bhut gale laga rahe the wo......not done.......pooja is actor she is doing acting..........i hate her.....
Yar boys apne aap ko pata nhi kya soch rahe hai ki wo kisi ko bhi dump kar sakte hai like Gaurav

yes sudha u are right..we could see many colours yesterday...gaurav just changed his view as something is going on..he feels he might try for nandita again and kept rumpa as a substitute..he was cool in telling that and after all the dramas pooja did with that arthi,dance etc..she said..very cooly yesterday that not to feel the other way..and if yash and gurdeep are liking each other his mom does not like gurdeep..!things were good btn gaurav and rumpa and now he is a chalu! hitesh and pooja were going good..and pooja did the same! sentiments attack..:) nandita is actually a sensible female as far as i have observed and vivek has gone nuts as he is over acting and it is looking stupid. he was alright before he looks stupid and the way he did face reading was awfull :( ! dont know whom priyanka is going to kick out! i felt it was vivek...and rajbir's mom???? would it be swathi?? i feel the organisers should do something with this. they should have made it a point that everyone meets everyone and then they give their decision. until that they should have had rules that no one should be paired with each other. everyone should be given fair chance to meet all of them ...winning the game and going for a date din sound good..what about the is a game..they should have been awarded with something else..but..the interaction is very less..among ppl...

Veena. I think if organizer wants interaction with all format has to set like that then . During first month , there should be no perfect bride, no task , no one chose by mom and just give chance to every girl to interact with every guy. One date with each. Then after one month start eliminating and give guys and girls chance to meet the person according to their preference. Rajbeer who was showing so honest inbegining thta it does not require months to know persons and you can find some one wih in day and spend full three week showing his attention to a single girl and come back with the saying that bond is getting better and better with passing day.At once with just a one houre meeting with dad forget all. Buts most important his face does not have any regret for that on that day. Donot know what kinda game is going on.

Mean time did any one check how bad pooja was loooing yesterday. Who says she is ebautiful. I spent time in just checking who looks beautiful and found that Priyanka looks far far bettr than other in homely setup without makeup and in her chudidar suit.

u know i juss think dat whatever happening now itz set up by organiser.they wanted things like dat.coz itz only 3weeks.still 9/10weeks left.if they make pair & bond right now thn what they r gonna show in comming week & ppls will loose interest abt the show.coz we all know whos gonna be wid whom.dats why they made diz kinda everyone is keen to know will raj marry priyanka?does yash mom accept gurpeet?nandita or rumpa who will be gaurav's priority?whatever it is i juss hope raj & priya get marry...i really like them a lot.

yes seema u r right they should have done it that way. how can a mother eliminate a bride. there should have been interactions for some weeks may be a month and only later they should have thought of eliminations. that should have been some other way. some nonsense is going on...there..we cannot pair anyone..they should feel comfortable ...after all they have to live..and we cannot..judge by looking at this..but..lets see what happens..:)

Yashdeep is actually 25+.He has tried his hands in mtv roadies,splitsville and other reality shows.He's struggling desperately to get a foothold in industry.Gurpreet n yashdeep hav bonded coz they wanted the on-screen chemistry to look told to an ex-participant by gurpreet.They want to hog the limelight thats the wat whom gurpreet is trying to fool?An assistant director planning to get married by 21.N such a contrast,Yashdeep has written in his profile that his n his mother's choice will match so why all this

Yashdeep Nain
The day is not far when the world gets to know the true you.Act as long as you can because thats your passion.To fool people with your oh-so-cute looks but only few know what lies behind that mask. You are a perfect player as you very well know how to play with someone's emotions, feelings including your family members.Just see the plight of your mother.You have just dragged her to the show.She's so uncomfortable, she's not even 0.1% interested. You are bonding with gurpreet for your selfish means n may i say cunning reasons. Just Because she's a hotshot assitant director and in future she can provide you work under yashraj banner.Man you are smart.As you wont find a better oppurtunity other than this.
Sweet gurpreet n all those wana be his gf's and friends, a word of caution: he isn't what he seems. He is quite manipulative, hynotic, heartless, mean, shrewd, sadistic, a real-loser-in-real-life guy.Stay away. He is actually a conman.
This whole thing is actually from bunch of people who got the shock of their lives knowing the geniune hard facts. Watchout this space,newspaper,tv for more.
Truth prevails.

Yashdeep Nain
The day is not far when the world gets to know the true you.Act as long as you can because thats your passion.To fool people with your oh-so-cute looks but only few know what lies behind that mask. You are a perfect player as you very well know how to play with someone's emotions, feelings including your family members.Just see the plight of your mother.You have just dragged her to the show.She's so uncomfortable, she's not even 0.1% interested. You are bonding with gurpreet for your selfish means n may i say cunning reasons. Just Because she's a hotshot assitant director and in future she can provide you work under yashraj banner.Man you are smart.As you wont find a better oppurtunity other than this.
Sweet gurpreet n all those wana be his gf's and friends, a word of caution: he isn't what he seems. He is quite manipulative, hynotic, heartless, mean, shrewd, sadistic, a real-loser-in-real-life guy.Stay away. He is actually a conman.
This whole thing is actually from bunch of people who got the shock of their lives knowing the geniune hard facts. Watchout this space,newspaper,tv for more.
Truth prevails.

thanks veena....yar whts going in this show....but few things clear
1) Priyanka is a nice girl bcoz if she is playing she nver send gurpreet with rajbeer.
2) pooja is fake, she is doing acting.
3) gurpreet is jothi...she always say mai itna try karti ho but yah's mom didn't like but i nver seen her talking 2 yah's mom.
Guys pls vote for priyanka pls....vivek & vrinda should be eliminated....

yar why people say pariyanka is not beautiful, she is beautiful very homly traditional nice bindi on her forhd purple suites....she is cute actuly wo pooja ki trah full makeup mai nhi rahti na....yar pooja kaha se sundar hai .....

pata nahin sudha ki pooja kahan se sunder hai.uske feacture sab se ghatiya hain.
Priyanka reminds u old heroines.wohi hai jo puri indian lagti hai. usme ada bhi hai aur atitude bhi. i think she is perfect. Is show se jisko sab se fayda hoga woh priyanka hi hogi. Poplualrity mein even work wise or money wise

@ Sudha.
read my latest post

Recently i happened to watch a show on Sony channel i.e. C.I.D....and to my surprise...i saw Swati in one of the she also a struggling actress or model??? yaar....kuch samajh mein nahin aa raha....yehan pe ya toh sab actress aur model hi bhare hain vahin dusri taraf....hitesh jaisa bhi ek weird insaan hai???
Star is such a standard channel...why dont this show make a surprise episode by getting more better guys with some good raise the level of the show...
With such a good panel of judges specially Mallaika and Shekhar Suman...i think the show needs to comeup in its standard of selecting good and decent people and give them a chance....but...not like these weirdoo...yash,hitesh who dont even have the basic respect....and down to earth qualities....

anonymous u r right, sawti is also struggling actress. You see these reality show are used by struggling actors and actresses and models mostly. whatever show it may be, mtv roadies, splitville or any other which allow non celebrities.

yess u are right. swati is indeed an actress, but well she has not hidden this fact. her profile clearly mentions that she is an actress, she was even in a show with saroj khan based on dance, so its not a surprise. but the main thing is that other contestants haven't revealed their true identities and professions.

yes u people are right. as pooja is an actress she knows to act well. every move of hers is very diplomatic..not natural. she knows to handle everything.not necessary that all that glitters is not it goes with her..every one fair need not be beautiful....are the organisers reading our views..good if they read. atleast they can give some changes...!

Anonymous i completely agree with u & veena yar she is a very nice girl....pooja ugly luking girl....yar why hitesh's mother is very rud with priyanka very bad yar not done.....pls vote for priyanka is sach nice girl usko sabki chinta hai ki galti se wo kisi ase ladke ko na eliminate kar de jise kisiko hurt ho....she is very nice

Yar i don't like the format of this show yar priyanka shamra ki kya galti sab usse ase treat kar rahe hai jase wo janbhoj kar rahi hai hai ase.....Now if one Priyanka is going to eliminate a guy this mean she is going to become villain in eyes of few girls as well as mothers, whom so ever names she will take. Thus she is going to get negativity without any fault of her as she has become the Perfect bride of week on basis of votes and its formate which is asking her to choose the two guys....plz vote for priyanka othrwise priyanka ko sab eliminate kar denge

hitesh's mom behaved very uncultured yesterday. that was not hte way she should have spoken to priya..!uncultured woman...what did she say "nikal" means eliminate. she used the right word.whats wrong. when me a non hindi spoken can understand y is that woman bossing and creating scenes.she was nice that she was so confused as to whom to eliminate so she was discussing and letting those moms understand her situation and justifying..horrible is her son. thinks pooja is his wife and calls her yesterday to take care of his mom..what would have happened had he told tht female to take care..anyways that woman ate..and that too with a desert ice cream :).i feel hitesh should go out..or other boys are not at peace..anyways no one gets along with him both boys and girls..apart from pooja ..he has no one for him..pooja is also...playing around and now she is fed up. so..i feel wise to take him that the environment both mummy mahal and kuvar quarters would be clean..without dirt..i liked the way priyanka handled the situation ..poor girl. she was cool headed to handle that senseless woman.

i agree with u veena u r right....pls yar vote for priyanka bus priyanka galti se bhi gussa hoke rajbeer ko na eliminate kar de

guys I think it is gaurav...coz priyanka sed his mummy little bit orthodox...only gaurav's mum here lyk dat...may be gaurav..omg nandita & rumba gonna eat priyanka...bechari..what she can do?she has to eliminate sum1...whoever it it other girls gonna upset wid her..i juss feel so bad for priya

i think vivek shud out but its ok with gourav rumpa was serious but he was taking her as a option now he shud think of her seriously well i would like to say just slap hitesh and his mom they are bullshit and i know puja she is a model she was to retain herself on show that's y tring to make chmiestry with hitesh i think then all bullshit people may out and only raj and pri made for each other and they shud take decision by thr on i think pri shud not involev her sis in between and he shud not involve his parenter the can give suggetion coz after all this their life......and just listen ur heart raj !!!!!!!!

i think vivek shud out but its ok with gourav rumpa was serious but he was taking her as a option now he shud think of her seriously well i would like to say just slap hitesh and his mom they are bullshit and i know puja she is a model she was to retain herself on show that's y tring to make chmiestry with hitesh i think then all bullshit people may out and only raj and pri made for each other and they shud take decision by thr on i think pri shud not involev her sis in between and he shud not involve his parenter the can give suggetion coz after all this their life......tak ur deicison by heart we all r with u raj and priyanka all the best...

i think pari and raj made for each other the must win and i would like to say hitesh and his mom shud out of show next week and i hope gourav and rump get marry aftet the show...All the best.

Priyanka should be kept in a museum. Fasting for a groom..........
What a joke!!
i thing Priyanka isn't fasts for a GOOD GROOM but for a GOOD LOOKING GROOM . It will be clear if you look to her choices. 1st Rajbeer and 2nd Yash. These two also come 1st and 2nd positions according to their looks among the 5 grooms and also both are struggling models.
And what she did with Gauruv that was absolutely rubbish.
please don't vote for this girl. Watching these kinds of girl are tolerable only in Ekta Kapoor's cereals,not in a reality show.

hi everyone

This show is loosing its TRP because many of us can predict what gonna happen next. Instead of making priyanka sharma stand out in a show, why don't the producers of the show make all the contestant have equal play in the part. and please for God sake i'e eliminate Priyanka sharma or change bride of the week.............. give us good and interesting show








Priyanka Sharma – Code – 05
SMS – “Priyanka” to 57827
BSNL/MTNL: 18628883333

hi rajveer please dont take wrong decison priyanka is not perfect for u so think seriously about it and give chance to another girls then u find real things which u want in urs partner and dont go with urs emotion bcoz priyanka dont have value of ur emotion she is using u she dont love u bcoz she is not real what she show about herself and vrinda is more understanding,loyaland even mature than priyanka but priyanka look like aunty

i dnt know why everyone blaming priyanka.she had to eliminate cud be anyone of this 5 groom.rumpa saying she cant think eliminate of gaurav & vivek.pooja already saved hitesh.if she eliminated yash thn gurpreet wud be upset.thn who left?only u guys think dat priyanka gonna eliminate her own love?moreover rajbeer's mom was mummy of the week so theres no ques.come to eliminate shud be out of the show & it is time someone else.dats the format of diz show.juss take it easy & stop blaming her pls.I feel dat shes really nice girl.she lost her mom & dad very childhood & now she found it on rahbeer'r mom.i dnt think shes playing any kinda drama.coz from the 1st episode she said im looking not only for a groom & a family aswell.diz rajbeer'r mom is playing drama now.she knows rajbeer & priya like each other & she supported it infront of them bt at the same time shes playing wid vrinda's emotion.dats ridiculous.guys pls vote for priyanka.she really need it.

10 girls from all over India!! Guys... are there any contestants from south India?!

hahaha anonymous
4 out of 15 contestants from Punjab, 2 guys and 2 girls itself.
half of them r models and other are there for money
and one or two of them may be organizers relative.
I am planning a show. and then i plannted 2-3 my own relatives.
Many of struggling models must had been known to producer from before. To give the show a sexy contestants and increase TRP, we all love to watch the smart and sexy guys and girls,they themselves must have offered a role to them in show.

Well....guys...this is what i think...
* agar priyanka raj ko eliminate karti...toh date ke liye kaun rehta show hi flop ho jata...because raj is a little better when compared with other guys...
*agar hitesh ko eliminate karti toh POOJA PHIR SE RAJ KE PEECHE pad jati....kyounki pooja first thought about raj...and now hitesh..aur koi bacha hi nahin... and after all even raj ki mom ne kaha tha ki priyanka ke alava apni bahu bannne layak vo pooja ko samjti hai....hahaha toh ab yeah baat to samajh aayi ki priyanka apne aur raj ke beech kisi ko nahin aane dena chahati....poor girl usse laga hame nahin pata...jani hame sab pata hai.....
*ab vivek aur yash se priyanka ko kya problem...yash toh gur ke saath hai...aur vivek chune nandita aur rumpa ke khatara little bit in control for priyanka....

hey i agree with u Anonymous u right yar why everybody balme her she is sach nice girl yar uski jagha aur koi hota tuo wo bhi kisi ko nikalta jise i think kisi aur ko dukh hota yar why nandita & rumpa react like this unko samjhna chaiye she is not playing any game....pls everybody undrstand her feeling & vote for her....she is very true....her feeling 4 raj is true pls support her ....agr priyanka nhi rahi na iss show mai tuo koi iss show ko nhi dekhega...sab yhi bolte hai....pooja is sach a fake grl she is very chalu....

I don't understand why there is an uproar over Gaurav being eliminated. It HAD to be one amongst the trio: Gaurav, Vivek and Hitesh and we knew it. With Hitesh out, there was a 50% change of him being the one by simple probability theory...

plzzz..bring gaurav back on dis show...
he is d most semsible person,ho can handle situations very well...a very impressive personality...

Anonymous & Veena pls tell me kal ke episode mai kya hoa yar mera kal ka mss ho gya pls tell me in detail.....sab poor priyanka ke piche tuo nhi pad gye na pls tell me

hey sudha...i missed the episode it at 5:00pm...on star plus its the repeat telecast...shayad...priyanka ko sabne torture kiya hoga...but the thing is that...decision priyanka ka hona ussne le liya...i dont think she has to give explanation to everyone about it...yaar ek aur baat bhi hai...Hitesh chala jata toh boys ke ghar ka Bawarchi kaun hota....hahaha

i dont no sudha which episode u today it was horrible.yash came wid weekly grocery & his mom behaved so weird.she didnt give any chance to yash talk wid gurpeet.both were sitting on dining area & yash mom came & ask gurpeet to go away & send nandita.thn one by one nandita & pooja came & interact wid yash.yash was telling her mon dat shez acting lyk she sed dat gurpeet wud be last persone she will accept as a there is no chance for her.gurpeet understood diz thing & sed to rumpa dat she doesn't want to talk to yash anymore,.coz da person who cant stand wid her now what hez gonna do after marriege.itz high time to back out.though her heart was crying for yash & but she sed diz dats all...

Anonymou yar i am not completely agree with u see gurpreet nver try 2 intrect with yash mom thts really bad i nver see her intracting with yash mom ulta wo usse hitesh ki mom ke sath milke unka mjak udati thi....aur yar ye kahna galt hoga da ki yash usnke liye stand nhi leta kyoki yar wo apni mom se lagatar bol raha tha ki ase ho wase ho aap muje kabhi nhi smjhe uske face pata chal raha the he is upset wo apni trah se puri koshish kar raha hai par kya gurpreet ne kabhi try kiya yash ki mom se baat karne ko.....she wnts ki yash apni mom ko bilkul ignor kar de.....infact muje bhi bora lag raha hai gurpreet ki liye lakin galti dono tarf se hai.....but i want priyanka bcoz she is very nice grl....pooja is big fake

Anonymous tumhe kya lagta hai i am right or wrong

Raj’s mother, who yesterday was asking Vrinda to build a relationship with Raj, today said in confession room that Yashdeep is short of courage and guts to stand for Gurpreet and convince his mother. On the other hand, her son (Rajbeer) never stood for Priyanka. Though, Yashdeep is trying hard to convince his mother, but can't stand her stubbornness.Are we seeing a double game here by Hitesh’s and Raj’s mother. pooja is very clvr girl kal ke episode mai clear ho gye whn yash told pooja that pairings are almost conclusive and decided, to which Pooja answered “Bani nahin hai, Bana di gayee hai”. This simple line suggest that she is not at all interested in Hitesh and though she gets little time in episodes these days, her calculated answers tells many things about her character.

Most girls and guys in the show are for publicity and 25 lac. All are playing new tricks to survive in the show. Priyanka is worst of all and most playful i.e a politician. Pooja and Rumpa has some good qualities.

yea sudha i completely agree wid u.gurpeet has got sum attitude prob.i dnt think yash & gurpeet can be a perfect couple.coz u know yash himself told dat hez bit short temper & gurpeet has attitude prob.if they got married may be cant be long lasting.only a mom can understand those its alryt wid yash mom bt im pissed off wid rajbeer & hitesh mom.both of them playing.u see gaurav mom told everyone dat if ma son lyk rumpa i dnt have any prob.he doesn't need to interact wid any1 bt rajbeer mom always trying to hook up vrinda or pooja.other side pooja ha bole ya na bole hitesh aur usko mom ko koi farak nehi parta.they like pooja dats it.i dnt know where diz show gonna end up...all crazy & freak ppls...

What a loser this guy is! Anyways if aunty is so stubborn n seems she already made up her mind,there might b somthng fishy.After all she’s more mature and as she said there are certain things which cannot b spoken on tv.She myt b having sm solid proof. How can other mummies force her? They have no rights to interfere. Hitesh’s mom is so impossible.yashdep to vaise bhi kuch karne wala nahi hai.shakal se hi ek no ka dramebaaz lagta iske chakar me fansi voh gayi.Gurpreet has taken a wise decision.lets c where it leads.

minhas23 i am not agree with yes rumpa is very nice girl but pooja pls....she is fake & very challu ladki & priyanka is very nice girl at least she is true & her feeling for raj is true.....she is not playing any game

mujhe lagta hai k hitesh k mumma ko khud pr control krna chiyea.mujhe lagta hai unhe bolne ka pta hi nai hai.k baat kaise ki jaati hai.aur aapne sabhi ne dekha hoga k wo khud ko bhut modren samjhti hai jo k unki bhut badi galat famhi hai.wo jo bhi modren banne k liye krti hai bhut odd lagta hai.aur hitesh i think chota nai hai aur use bhi samjhna chiyea k apne mom ko control mai rakhe.aur pooja ko apni power ka galat use nai krna chiyea hitesh ko bachane mai.aur mujhe lagta hai k hitesh ki jaldi se jaldi rawangi honi chiyea not bcoz of hitesh just becoz of his mom.thanx
and in the end best of luck yar priyanka good going yar.....aur hitesh k mom se bacho wo rishte kyun bna rahi hai samjho best of luck priyanka

mujhe priyanka aue rajbeer ki zodi achhi lagti hai...........puja fake hai..chalu type ...wo hitesh aur uski mom ke layak hi hai..mere khayal se yash ki mom ko is show se nikal dena chaiye..wo apne bete ko v nai samajhti..shadi karwane aayi hai ya ladai karne..gurpreet achhi hai..par ab lagta nai hai ki yash ki mom ko dekh ke koi ladki yash se shadi karna chaegi..raj aur priyanka ki jodi raj ke dad ne aa kar bigari hai..

i like u rajbir

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i luv priyanka she is very nice girl

Pooja is big natak....dekha nhi jab dance mai lift ke liya kitna drama kar rahi thi....i am not cofrtable she totally fake

are yaar ye pooja kaise bride of da week ban gayi???????????????????????uska bollywood ka sapna lagta hai sach hone ja ra hai.....coz wo is show me shadi karne to ayi nai hai......priyanka and raj r da best..............

dnt worry pooja can't be perfect bride till the end.coz if shez gonna be perfect bride then she need to get marry some1,which is obvious shez not gonna do...diz perfect bride show promoting pooja for sure.she got more chances to dance than other girls...shez always high lighted.let her make her film platform poor girl

gurpreet was fabulous, shekar shouldnt have made her say sorry. wh cant his mom understand they make a great couple together, now gurpreet should be voted bride of the week

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we would definetly appreciate if non parliamentry words are not used in the blog. this blog is to chat and express ones views. we are not here to put down ourselves. our words reflects our personality.

Anonymou i agree with u this show is promoting pooja sab fake hai yar aab mera intrest khatm ho raha hai iss show se bcoz mane dekha hai nobody like pooja thn how is it possible ki wo bride of the week baan gai yar sabse jada vote priyanka ko hi hoi thi....yar ye show ke orgnizer ko laga ki har baar raj ki mom ya priyanka ki win krege tuo show nhi chalega for priyanka guys pls......aur aap logo ne note kiya ki raj ki mom ki so called fav vrinda ne unki kita insult ki sabke samne

yar wo rishto ke parkihi rishte todne ke liye bethe hai kya show mai jabrdsti jinki jodi bani hai unhe todne ke piche pade hai sirf pooja aur hitesh ko chod kar whts going on yar......i don't like hitesh his mom & pooja sare fake hai & pooja tuo big drama .....

histesh mom is using gurpreet as a tool.....& stupid gurpreet ko amjh nhi aa raha ye

Guys i think no i am sure channel manipulated the result......yar tell nme one thing why these judges bhved like this & hs double standard ek tarf wo yash ki mom ko bol rahe hai ki jab yash like gurpreet thn why she forced him 2 see other grls & on other hand whn rajbir's mom ask rajbir to see other girl thn these people said yes this is gud thing....i don't know they play like this.....yar if priyanka & raj like each other why people want ki wo aram se mile aur samjhe ek dusre ko bilki they jo pasand hai usse chodo aur girls ko dekho aur dekhte raho.........RUBBISH

@sudha..actually it is rajbhir's and priyanka's family who has to take decisions..they were getting along well until raj's father interfered. may be he would told raj and his though he like he would not be going against their family as we know it is a joint family and that shekar and team are only for name sake.If the family is strong as yashs mom they cannot do anyting..IT is raj who has to take decision and it is their family who has stand and take decisions..suggestions might be many but decision is all no one to be blamed here..

yar these people making fool of us....yar abhi 5 min phale priyanka sharma ko 37.14% logo ne vote kiya hoa tha ab wo 35% ho gya wht is this rubbish agr innhe ye sab hi karna gai tuo hme kyo bana rahe hai

I think Rajbir and Pooja make the best match out of all the contestants. I dont really like him and Priyanka put together - they just seem wrong to look at!!

Prinyanka and Vivek should try and build a relationship as they are both seem to be very laid back and homely.

Yash and Gurpreet are good together..too..

Not sure about Hitesh...his abit too witty for the gals!...he needs someone just as sharp and loud as him...but i Love his mum, i think she's wicked!!

Gaurav - NO COMMENT!

Everyone taking part is good in their own way, i must say.

Sudha, this blog polls are just for us to ceck the pattern.its not real voting.
Every week we create a new poll and checked who is most fav.

Till on this blog priyanka ismost fav candidate. Gurpreet and Nandita had moved up and Pooja goes down.

Every week one girls eliminate thus who ever would has choose her will choose some one next another week.

And if some one had liked Gurpreet before and next week they found that she is not good, she/he can also change vote next week.

Check the post. till today 661 votes has been cast in 40 hours.
in 660 votes mein 238 votes priyanka ko pade.125 votes Gurpreet ko aur 114 votes Pooja ko pade.

guys whts wrong with raj mom unhe priyanka ke siva sari nakli ladkiya achi lagti hai pooja is big fake girl.....she is playing big game Anonymous i am not agree with u yar priyanka and raj luk gud togthr unhe dekh ke lagta hai made for each othr type and un dono ke face par dikhta hai pyar.....pooja ke face par tuo sirf chalo pana dikhta hai.....i don't know why raj's doing this pls pls pls pls vote for priyanka pls

I don't know guys rajbir mom playing with priyanka's feeling ......yash ki mom ko bhut smjha rahi thi tuo ab khud kyo asa kar rahi hai yar......yar priyanka like raj thn why she is doing this.........yar pooja ke face par dikhta hai she is fake & drama karti hai ....

rudresh i agree with u but yar aaj mai pure din mai note kar rahi ho ki pooja ki percentage increase ho rahi hai aur priyanka ki wahi stop hai thts impossible these people aur fake this show is fake now.....poor priyanka raj's mother pooja vrinda everyone is playing with her emotion

@Sudha - I just cant see Priyanka with rajbir for some reason. She is a nice gal but not for Raj. POOJA+RAJ=PERFECT JODI!

I dont think Pooja is faking it! she is sensible and clever. Pooja definately knows how to keep the peace btw herself and others.

I watch this programme in the UK so am probably not as up to date with the lastest episode as you may be...but i am totally addicted to PERFECT BRIDE!!

All the best to the contestants remaining... :)))

hi sam....sam actuly 1st thing about pooja is she hide her profession....2nd she is really a very fake sis is in chandigarh & everybody know about her ki she is very bad girl & she is fake on this show.....she is here 4 fame & money.....big thing is tht if raj mom didn't like priyanka tuo wo unhe pahle hi bol dena tha na

oh god im in big tension now.for sure hitesh mom is going to eliminate priyanka.luckly yash won the task so there is little chance to save priyanka.lekin hitesh ka mom agar pehle nandita ka naam le to yash will save her & thn she can eliminate priyanka easily.i think diz cleaver lady gonna do of luck priyanka

wats the big deal if priyanka sharma ,,pooja,,,or rajveer,,are actors or anchors,
shouldnt they get married,,,why strees on some stupid ,,useless point

@ anonymous this is a blog where we express our body is stressing on the point that they should not get married...u never got it right. nor it is stupid what we are discussing..we stress on that point that is our view u feel it is stupid u just was stupid again writing on that.
the discussion was that they are actors just hired for the show so that they make the show colourful and they could have openly. that is wht the discussion is. nobody is bothered about the profession. ppl are bothered because they have not told that . if they come here to marry it is pretty good as teh show is for this. did u get what we discussed...
before knowing dont loosen ur talks.

Veena good answer for anonymous, It's not the big deal that they are actors, it is a very big deal why they hide their profession in this show? If they really want to get married they can say "I am a model, anchor and want to find a perfect partner" but they didn't. I hope you will get our thought else...... ignore it :D

Anonymous i am agree with you ye same chiz mai bhi soch rahi thi yar pls pls vote 4 priyanka otherwise tht lady eliminate priyanka yar priyanka is very nice girl pls.....muje lag raha hai wo phale asa hi kuch karei........muje tuo bhut tension ho rahi hai yar.....guys pls ye faltu ki awha mat udao priyanka ke bare mai yar muje lag raha hai ye show ke orgnizer janbhuj ke kar rahe hai ye sab......kyo kafi log priyanka ko like karte hai tuo wo soach rahe hai isse nikale se pooja ke chance baad jayege dusre TRP bhi baad jayegi..........i m tence yar

guys kal ke task mai kahi se kahi tak lag raha tha ki hitesh ne task rajbir se jaldi kiya tha NO WAYS usne bhut time waste kiya tha .....

Hitesh mother in the video...

Nandita is making big fool of herself....everytime she tells going to states for PG. Its not a child's play that she'll complete PG in 5 yrs.My sis is doing her residency in u.s....its so though to clear all the USMLE exams...super intelligent finishes residency in 7-9 yrs.So much irrritated listnening to her these lines..

And Do u think yash mom will let her stay in u.s. for tht long??

Hey Nandita
What are you doing this? What have u seen in Yash, nothing like to trust him when every one is clear about his change in decision, don’t u remember he said that if he couldn’t get to marry with Gurpreet, he will never marry in future. And you, what u doing with Bivek, is it that you were not having any choice to stay in the show or what?

mujhe ye nai samajh aaya....raj nd priyanka ki pole kholi pooja ki kyo nai????????????????????????// ye chanel wale pooja ko promote kar rahe hai....... hitesh ki mom ....kya bolu ...bahut buri hai...

Hitesh is vry bad boy,he dont deserve ny grl 2 b his perfect bride,,first he need 2 b a perfect groom,,,he & his mom r ridiculous nd fake,,they choose pooja only 4 her looks nd pooja is also so fake,,she alwz do cahplusi nd chamchagiri 2 all..she dont evn knw d meaning of marriage...rajveer nd priyanka r lukin good wid each othr bt ye to waqt he btaege tht wht vl hapn 2 thm,,,bt jo b hai this shows gvs d best timpass 2 all people with their fake identity.......

hello.mara naam hai Mahek aur my A.P se hun.i love lux perfect bried and i see it withhout miss any episod.mujhe Rajbeer aur yash bahoth achche lagte hai.but i hate Hitesh and his mom.jab tak Hiteh aur us ki mom is show mein rahenge tho woh sub ka dil todte rahenge.becoz they have proud tooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh.i hate them.

yash tum ko nahi lagta k Hitesh se badla lena ka is se achcha time aur nahi hai so plz tum pooja ko apna focus banao.Hitash ki mom ne nandita ko is show se nikala hai so plz tum bhi HITESH aur us ki mom se badla lene ki koi kasar math chodna.

Anonymous i am agree with u but unki kya pol khuli kuch kiya hai nhi tha unhne infact pooja ko puchna chaiye tha kyoki wo tuo kar rahi ahi strgl atleast raj kar tuo nhi raha kuch aur priyanka tuo kaha bhi nhi thi yar jabrdsti usko frame kiya hai wo anchoring ka video tha usme acting ka kya tha......but yar unhne pooja se kyo nhi pucha why yar .....yar at the end of this show ye log pooja ko hi winner banayege dekh lena....other wise yar BOW of the week pooja kase muje tuo kuch samjh nhi aa raha

yar ye kya hai nandita to itne deserving thi usse tuo eliminate kar diya aur vrinda jo gud 4 nothing hai wo show mai hai ......

hai, priyankaah, rabvir nd his mom r really great, i love tht family... Pooja thorouh hithesh nd her mom, they r like villan in this show. Bt its nt hapn. So the next wk elimntn is i tnk vivek r rabir. Nd yasdeep gave us a big shock yestrday b4... I want to clarify somtng, is tht a big problm that priankaa was n anchor nd rajvir tried to cum flm industry... Nt at al a problm, the show is for marriage, thats it, y the models r anchors r actros wont get marige in their ful life? Any VOTE FOR PRIANKA ND RAVIR MOM...

jab hum sab priyanka ko vote kar rahy hain to ya pooja kasy bride of the week banti hai.mujy lagata hai ya sab show waly karty hain show waly pooja ko jitana chahty hain kiun ki wo khubsorat hai.our hitish ki mom kasyyyyyyyyyyyyy mom of the week bani mujy to samaj main nahi aata ya sab sow waly kar rahy hain. priyanka eik simple larki hai our sab us ko pasand kar rahy hain is liye
kuch din pahy to episodes main raj our priyanka ka to dekha hi nahi rahy thy kiun k janta ka diyan un say hat jay par asa nahi hoga hum priyanka ko hi pasand karty hainnn plz vote 4 priyanka

i hate pooja sab dekhta hai sab ki mom ko piyr kar k dekhawa karti hai plzzz vote 4 priyanka she is perfect bride.poojaa k dekhwy par mat jahoooo plzz kiun pooja ki pictures nahi dekhahi kiun amrita malaika kabi priyanka or raj k bary main baat nahi karty kiun?
priyanka bohat sweet hain plz us ko hi vote karoo

Anonymous i am with u yar mai bhi hmesha priyanka ko vote karti ho tuo ye pooja kese bride of the week baan jati hai i don't know but yar pls pls vote 4 priyanka pls vote

hai,ye kaisa show,is me pyar kam aur poltics zyada,i think sare jo powers he use jantako dia jaye to acha he,kyu ki politics ki bazese koi thik se pyar par stick up nahi he,so plz show ki orgniser ko request he kiye jo eliminate ki power aap jantako de to acha he

Hitesh & his mother playing games in this contest ,they both should be quicked out from this show ,I thnk Rajbeer & priyanak are be st couple made for each other.Pooja should take a good decision for elementation. Also Rajvir is a nice person with a good think ,he should instest is mother for Gurpeet .Gurpeet really love him a lot from a heart ,which all can see

I watch this show regularly and I haven’t miss it even a single second of the show.The reason for this much interest in the show was Rajbir & Prianka.I love both of them very much.They both seem to be very nice couple and I will pray for them to get married and live a happy life same as I have.Our marriage was also a love marriage.I can feel their feelings.
To be very frank, I was thinking of arranging a honeymoon trip of 20 days for them when they got married and I had chosen Switzerland where I also had it but they can choose any europeon country.
I am very strong person by nature and I never ever had tears in my eyes which is occured due to elimination of Rajbir.Now, I will stop watching this show anymore,this is for sure, as my heart is very badly hurt and I feel very much pity for Prianka.She is very innocent, straight forward and cool girl.I like her attitude.
Now, how can I be in touch with Rajbir and prianka, as I will surely attend their wedding party even if they didn’t invite me.I will specially come to India for attending this wedding party.

I HAVE A REQUEST 4 RAJBEER........ PLZ PLZ PLZ DNT TRUST THAT FAKE GAL "PRIYANKA SHARMA" ...She is a gud 4 nothin, selfish,fake,rude prody n drama queen in this entire universe.. she is immature but at d same time she is vry cunning... she is jus making use of ur emmotions.. she looks like an aunty n does not at all matches you...... I HAVE SEEN THIS SHOW 4M THE VERY BEGINNING N I ONLY DIDNT LIKE 1 GAL N DAT IS PRIYANKA SHARMA...there r many people whom loose many things in life but dat does nt at all means that u start behaving foolishly n behave in such a DISGUSTING N FAKE manner..... so i beg of u plz get rid of that idiot.....!!!!!! N 4 ALL THE OTHER PEO-PLE WHO R READING THIS COMMENT PLZ PLZ PLZ DONT VOTE 4 THAT ' fake n selfish gal priyanka"

Oh my god.Main aisa payar kabhi nahi dekha.Yeh saccha payar karne vala juda kuin hota hai?Plz plz.....god raj aur pri ko mila do.Kuin ki aap ke ghar der hai ander nahi.They really love each other.

ankita gupta,,,,looks ur more fake than any one in the universe,,,no one can fake love,,or their emotions,,,
how could u be so mean calling anoter gal idiot,,
which clearly shows wat ur character is

priyanka sharma said earlier on the show that she would leave if rajbir will be eliminated & even rajbir leaving the show saaid her to come out!!priyanka said it doesnt matter if she can not get married on the show with rajbir & would get married once they r out.i cant understand why is she then on the show when she made such comments.if she is genuine she should go!!!!!her sis also commented on her eviction that means both sisters just used rajbir to stay on the show.

Dear organisers- pl call Gurpreet back through wild card entry,due to wrong decision and dirty politics she is out, its breally bad, pl call her back, she is real Lux Perfect Bride

I don't think that Gurpreet is perfect bride material. nobody is perfect. everybody has good and bad qualities
Gurpreet's good (qualities)
1) she is a good cook
2) she has beautiful hair
3) she has a cute smile
4) she has gorgeous eyes
5) she has an awesome body

Gurpreet's bad (qualities)
1) she says that she is interested in Yashdeep, however she does not make an effort to interact with his mom.
2) She is very rude, like for example that one time when Priyanka asked to use the table that the others were sitting at and before anybody could say anything Gurpreet very rudely yelled out "nahin"
3) she is immature, Yash's mom pointed out that Gurpreet starts yelling "mujeh bukh laghi hain" first thing when she gets up. I think that a person should be mature before stepping into the bounds of a marriage.
4) I don't think that Gurpreet knows what marriage is all about, she has this fantasy of what a marriage is like in her head. for example when she made that comment about how she would like to have her husband put sindoor in her maang everyday, yeah that is nice but a marriage is not only about what you want but you also have to think about and consider the feelings of the other person as well and quite frankly I do not think that Gurpreet is at that mature level.

People need to undersatnd that just becuase a jodi looks good togteher doesn't mean that that is perfect jodi. people please stop bitching on Priyanka and Pooja they are not bad. People are just jelous of Pooja's good looks and Priyanka is a very homely girl who can manage a household and a career after marriage which make her a very elgible girl for marriage. stop telling Rajbir dumb things about how priyanka is not good looking. look from within and you will see all the good qualities that priyanka has. also before accusing people of sluts you should back up you rerasoning. what happened on the show or what did you discover in your online research that made you think that a particular girl is a slut. becuase I have noticed that many people comment on Priyanka being a slut, however if you were to evaluate all the girls in how they dress you would see that priyanka is one of the many girls who is always dressed very decently. I do not think that she is being fake in any way she is truthful and I can understand her becuase she seems to have the same values as I do and sometimes there are people who get jealous when the good people get attention for their good deeds.

If I could I would so marry Yashdeep. I love his mom she is so sweet and I know that I could fit in well with her, especially since she mentioned that she liked priyanka and i am a lot like her. so yashdeep if you want to come to Amercia I wouldn't mind marrying you I am a citizen, and if you didn't want to mover here I would not mind moving to India for you either you are asweome yaar and I love your mom I hope that you get the perfect bride even if it isn't me (lol).

i wonder if d organisers of perfect bride are forcing yashdeep to like gurpreet again. As Yash s mom said she s very immature n gurpreet considers her immaturity as her INNOCENCE which is not so...Yash s mom dnt scold or fight or abuse Gurpreet other dan saying dat she s not sanskari and i think dat yash s mom dnt actually intend to say such a word ...other dan saying dis word his mom never told her anything and she accused yash mom in frnt of everyone dat she sufereda lotttttt wat dis she cnt bear a simple small prob tomorrow if she s married to yash n if any prob rises she s gona make a mess of everything.
Imagine yash s plight wen gurpreet was accusing his mom in frnt of everyone n his mom bursted crying n he cldnt do anything

I agree with sara, gurpreet is very immature. I was watching the episode from last night where at the start, yashdeep and Gurpreet are talking, Yash is explaining to Gurpreet about her behavior but she still does not undersatnd. Yash really made one thing clear that Gurpreet does not have any right to say that yash needs to take a satnd for her becasue there is no commitment. Gurpeet really presents herself in a desperate manner and that looks very immature. like I said before Gurpreet is very immature and she is not ready for marriage at all at this time she needs to understand more about life and marriage. I think that she has really humilated not only herself but also her parents by coming on the show becuase of the way that she behaved. Talking rudely to Yash's mom. If she really cared about Yash like she claims then she would not have been that rude to Yash's mom.

I liked Rajvir too much but its unfortunate that he has been voted out..oh..not actaully voted out but he has been knocked out..its his BAD...
Yashdip...the guys is really a Mamma's boy.he dn't have the courage to convince his MOM for the Gal he liked in the, dear all Fans of Yashdip..never trust Yashdip type Guys....Yeah...its true that he is handsome guy in the show...I think handsome guys lacks the quality of courage....for him, Gurpreet suffered and has been insulted by his Mom many times...
Vivek...He is cute and the most perfect groom for a girl...
Hitesh...very smart...
Priyanka--a lucky gal that she engaged with Rajvir,no doubt she is also very cute gal.
Pooja--Beauty with Brain....
The real bety was Gurpreet but its her Bad that she has been been eliminated....

pooja is show se bahar jani chiye..she is doing timepass der.....use ek stage chaiye tha jo use mil stage me bane rahne ke liye use ek ladka chaiye tha to usne hitesh ko fasa liya..ab jab baat commitmnt ki aa rahi hai to uska natak khatam ho gaya..bina commitmnt ke shadi nai hoti hai pooja madam....ab to show khatam hone ko aya...ab nai lagta tujhe koi milega...ek to wo punjabi film kar hi chuki hai ye usne kisi ko kyo nai bataya????????????????????????? she is really a big fake....

i think pooja should be eliminated from the show , she is just playing with the poor guy hitesh. she just wants to be in the show that's why she has picked him .she is all fake.she is just befooling everyone.she lacks and lags in everything.In my opinion rumpa is the best gal with a pure heart and mind.rumpa should win this show she is perfect in every manner.

Surinder said

i want rajbeer & priyanka as a lux bride

i wld like to ask KANKS hw cld dis persn cal yashdeep a coward ......i think ur nt a persn who sees d show dnt misguide people with such comments abt a persn s nature..can u tell me watever did gurpreet suffer frm yash s mom....jst one wrd dat she s nt "sanskari"..she concentrated more on d guy dan on his family...u say yash dnt convince his parents......gurpreet s mother accused yash saying dat "yash is not sanskari coz he cld his mother hitler" do u knw one thing ...he called his mom hitler for gurpreet wen he was supporting gurpreet ...coz he wntd to meet her and she dnt allow. Dat moment even i felt dat his mother was wrong but d way she gurpreet screamed on d show on her dat was toooo mannerless....watever be d prob yash s mother is elder to her n if she likes yash soooooooo much does snt she have d nack n patience in dealing with his mum.
She s so d first meeting wen yash askd y she chose him she said coz "he s hot"..I dnt think we shld chose a persn on d basis of temp..Even yash s mother said dat she s immature......n she prefers a matured gal like pooja or nandita.
Yash askd gurpreet did my mother say "kya tum hamare ghar ki bahu ban ne ke layak nahi ho ya kya tum hamare ghar ki bahu nahi ban sakte ?"...she answered his mum said dat "tum hamare ghar ki bahu nahi ban sakti" n in frnt of everyone she was sceming dat his mother said "tum hamare ghar ki bahu ban ne ke layak nahi ho"
So yash askd her do u knw d diff between d 2 sentences..she said d sentences had very little differences....yash tld her both sentences had a gret diff n tld her dat her immatutrity gave rise to such a big prob. Such a big fuss she made ut of nothing ....tomorrow wats d guarantee dat she wnt take a son away frm a mother.....

I think d udges shekhar suman n mallaika arora are gud bt amrita rao wat does she knw abt relationships instead she also shld be a contestant...she cnt even give an appropriate solution

after seeing the seperation between pooja n hitesh i feel pooja did a very good job. Hitesh is very very immatured and hitsh's mom is the villen of the relation. she is changing colours every day. the most cunning woman. pooja i totally support u. initially u did try to get closer to hitesh but gradually a person realises what is the mistake n where is the problem. she rejected nandita because nandita did not respond his son. that was very wrong of her. she did not allow her son to focus on someone else then why should someone respond hitesh. i hope some how this hitesh and his sick mom goes out of the show.
advice to rumpa please kick this hitesh's ass. u will never get to eat non-veg in this marriage. don't bother what is in this show. think of ur future and make decision. this mom of hitesh is playing nasty politics. u r too beautiful. u will get a handsome smart and matured well earned and loving husband. don't go for this blunder. tomorrow if u kick hitesh she will bring vrinda in lime light. i really don't know why this sudeshrani is becoming the mom of the week all the time? is there any plot behing this?




whoever wrote to see the music vedio of Pooja...Are u blind or what!!! its not Pooja! and that girl doesnt look close as to Pooja...Please see ur eye specialist and see the video again......

please brings Rajbeer back,bcz show is nothing without Rajbeer,i know there three handsome guys but no one like Rajbeer,he is the real man,,,,if u people want show go on with big trp and more ,then call Rajbeer,,,,,please he is true person,,,,,

jisne v ye likha hai ki pooja ki koi music video nai hai tumne wo punjabi movie nai dekhi jisme pooja ne acting ki hai aur uska interview v aaya hai......maine dekha hai.....wo ek jhooti ladki hai...ab vivek ko v rulane wali hai...dekh lena wo kisi se v shadi nai karegi...

pooja kise beautiful lagti hai???????????????????????? uski eyes bilkul darawne hai...nose pakore ki tarah aur uska 4head v achha nai hai uske hair v bilkul piche se hai....kisne use sundar bol diya....use sundar bolna to sundar ladkiyo ko gali dene jaisa hai..

hitesh ko nai bol kar pooja kitne happy hai...ab khud bachna chati hai aur bechari rumpa ko fasa rahi hai....agar sach me use koi achha lagta to aaj uske ankho me tears hote....par aisa nai hai use dekh kar hi nai lagata ki uska koi interest shadi me hai...public itni bewakoof nai hai ab wo v uski acting samajh gayi hai......

Hey yashdeep.You r so handsome.I like u...
I dont like the Hitesh's mummy..she is fake & always like to control over all.Everybody should be aware from her...She has no right to stay there..
Prianka u r the perfect bride.
N thanx pooja for rejecting hitesh...

Hello Guyz,Suspense is out.The new girl entering today is SILKINA KAUR..she is from NOIDA,U.P and is HR Executive.She participated in Miss Punjabi 2007 competition and as acted in 1-2 punjabi videoes.

One can check her profile on orkut searching "silkina kaur" for verification and her picture/profile


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I dont like hithesh n his mom!! dey r too much f bossy kind!! I felt bad wen puja was crying coz she was made fun by gurpreeth n rumpa!! Hithesh must make it clear dat he loves rumpa really r jus 4 d sake of reality show!!
Priyanka s perfect der in the show loving raj all the time!!
Gurpreeth n yash make a cute couple!! yash's mom should think abt her!! she s very very talented!!
Vivek!! I don noe to tell abt him!! But he s very good moma's boy

I think pooja is the most important part of this show please give her the wild card entry just like gurpreet .Priyanka is fake because if u saw that episode when she asked for karvachoot fast to rajbeer after that on the weekend stage program she said me to kye fast 15 saal ki age se rakh rahi hu so why she asked to rajbeer to impress him only .She only wnt 25 lakh rupees nothing else and she also feel jelous to pooja but pooja never behave rood to anyone she also behave properly to everyone even she didn't eat non-veg in mummy mahal.Think abt this please pooja ho wild card entry do plz plz plz.

thank god pooja is not der...........poor pooja...........m so happy............she is really a big fake

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

heard rajbir is back if it's true m so happy .

please somebody tell the news channels that its the show made by and for hitesh and his mother. Hitesh congrats in advance that you will win this contest and the most best thing is that you are getting the worsest bride and you loose the besssssssssssttttttttt one that is POOJA!!!!!!

please somebody tell the news channels that its the show made by and for hitesh and his mother. Hitesh congrats in advance that you will win this contest and the most best thing is that you are getting the worsest bride and you loose the besssssssssssttttttttt one that is POOJA!!!!!!

plz someone clear me this doubt ,,,

whose voting sudesh rani as mother of the week?

is it the crew of lpb or the public?

wats wrong with priyankas statement

its suprising for rumpa that she won the task,,,and look at hiteshes reaction to it,,
he thinks hitting someone is not bad but commenting is wrong,,,
both mom and son belong to one biradri
selfish fools

Rumpa is just not fit to be in the house; she should be thrown out; this can be done only when sudesh rani not selected as the mother of the week & his stupid son does not win the week's task. Rumpa disclosed her feeling in the National Television to Gaurav - proposing him the other day & now she is blindly at the back of Hitesh. Gaurav if you are reading my comments you are really really lucky for not going very further with your relationship with this idiotic flirt RUMPA. She is so chalu that now just to stick in the house she is with Sudesh Rani & that lady is giving all the credits for the task which she rather not worth at all. I dont think Priyanka was at no fault in mentioning that. People please think twice before you vote RUMPA. She is really really not worth to win the Title.RUMPA IS A REAL fake with a fake relationship with Hitesh & Sudesh Rani & vice versa.


good pooja is out of the show she came in just win the title & had no intention for marriage. A struggling actress with big unfullfilled dreamz. how can you expect her to marry Hitesh. She just wanted to use him to stay in the house; Good that HITESH & SUDESH RANI became a bali ka bakra (both are worth for that). when the show is at its end stage she showed her real. POOJA IS A BIG FAKE & really not fit to be a PERFECT BRIDE as well (even if she sticked on in the show). Her intensions are to get good TV/ FILM offers & not a GUY TO MARRY HER.

vivek is a very cool and calm guy.and hitesh starts fighting with him for a small reason..vivek did not want to heat him...and after that also hitesh is there in this show. i dont think so that hitesh should be there any more. there is a rule that u fight by saying but not by taking charge on him physically.

hmm....wat to say about hitesh mother.. she is very a dominating nature.. his son also like her only.. she is having the power at that time she will not listen any ones.. after that fight happen between them then hitesh muumy told to viveks mummy that "itne der me to banda 4-5 mukke mar hi deta hai".. iska matlab yahi hai ki unhe apne bete ke is harkat se koi narazgi nai hai aur suru se hi apne bete ko gunda banaya taki wo sirf ladayi ya kisi pe hath utha sake......hitesh should be out i want that,,,,he did'nt have any right to leave here in this show...please bring this conversation on staurdays episode behind every one.....

hi geet r u der..........m abhi

hi all
yaar priyanka is so niceee. gurpeetbolti hai k ya drama queen hai. gurpeet janti hai k ab is ka show main koi kaam nahi to ab main jo is show main sab say aagy hai us ka naam kharab kar k jahoon. bolti hai k priyanka ko shadi say koi matlab nahi agar asa hota to priyanka eik k hi sath nahi hoti jab raj gaya tha tab wo yesh k sath kuch bana sakti thi rump ki tara nahi kia us nay. rump n gureet is juthiiiii hain. our gurpeet jo priyanka ko asa bol rahi hai jo k kudh vivik ko haan kar k mana kar liaa kudh kia karnay aaye hai is show main jo priyanka ko asa bolti haiii. plzzz vote 4 priyanka plzz she is sooo sweett.

rumpa hitesh aur uski mom priyanka se jalte hai.................rumpa v ab unke rang me rang gayi....are wo v unki tarah buri ban gayi hai...........

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