Pooja Tandon - Lux Bride of the week on Lux Perfect Bride

On September 19, Public voting decided that Pooja Tandon became the first Lux Bride of the week on Lux Perfect Bride airing on Star Plus. I was also assured of it, as she is far ahead of others on my blog's poll -- "According to you, who is Lux Perfect Bride?". Out of 463 votes, she managed to get 116 votes which means almost one-fourth of the votes. May be her looks kills the visitors on my blog and forced her to vote for her.. Nandita Sharma, the most outspoken girl on the show got 17% votes while Vrinda Dawda, who was in danger zone got 13% votes.

Being the first week's Lux Perfect Bride, Pooja Tandon were rewarded to chose the groom so that she along with her family have a quality time with him on a cup of tea. In addition to that, she was also given the power to run the Kanya Mahal and Vivek's mother handed her the responsibilities.


hi pooja i am your big fan of u really hitesh is too good for u and we dont like priyanka really she is a politics even agar hitesh ki mom nahi rahte hai show par aabhi ya baad mah we wont like show she is a good we want u win only you soch samaj kar kisiko nikalna bcoz priyanka has done big mistake gaurav dont deserve any way for u hitesh not rajbeer and he and priyanka cum for acting its a really we see daily show i love that

hi pooja..u r d most gud lookin bride u are good u should win
best of luck we dont like priyanka she is a politics and fake

monica multani
from ulhasnagar

star plus why are u not showmn that priyanka and rajbir fake pooja is not fake she has done only one movie and is not good today i saw and priyanka is doing overacting why rajbir was eliminated in this show u people are showing about priyanka she is fool rupa and pooja are good

pooja movie is good and she is good u should win decide for sumone if u like otherwise will tell u that u came here for avting and nobody will say priyanka we know she came here for acting

Pooja u were d best miss u a lot!!!!!

hy pooja aap boht boht achi ho aap ka dil ma jo hot ha aap bayan kar daate ha aur mujha aese hi log pasand ha warna perfact bride ma to aur log dikhaate kuch aur hote kuch aur ha mera ishara pryanka ki taraf ha.wo boht hi chalak ha.aap plz abset ma raha karo and khush raho plz apna boht boht khyal rakhna aap hamesha khush raho.......