Priyanka Sharma - Lux Perfect Bride Contestant

Priyanka Sharma
Date of Birth and Age: Feb 6th, 1983; 26 yrs
Qualification: TYBcom, currently pursuing MBA- HR
Family: Nuclear family consisting of 2 sisters and 1 brother.
Caste: Bhramin

What is your definition of a perfect bride?
Someone who will balance her life between family and work, she should be loving, caring, and deeply attached to her family.

How are you preparing for the show?
I don't think I need any preparation.

What qualities are you looking for in your partner?
Someone who will not expect me to leave my family values and will respect my traditions.

What made you choose this medium to find your groom?
This would help me find a mother I have been longing to be with and her opinion and decision matters.

How do you plan to impress your mother in law?
This is a life changing decision so it will not be acceptable to change anything to impress anyone.

What according to you is the mantra for a perfect match?
Willingness to make compromises on both ends, and lots of love and respect.

Which celebrity couple do you admire the most?
Malaika Arora and Arbaaz Khan


hi priyanka ..u r the prfect bride for rajveer....i think dat he really likes u had feelings and emotions for u.....moreover u r such a sweet girl that u both will b a wonderful couple.....i think his mother will accept u as a "daughter" all the best may u get ur perfect match and offcourse a luving mother

hi priyanka..u r sweet n nice..but please u dont look gud wit rajbeer..he is too hansome 4 u..pls choose another kunwar..n pleas leeve rajbeer ..he looks gud wit pooja..they r perfect couple n u shud b happy 4 them..

u look gud wit gaurab not rajbeer think aboot dat

u n rajbeer make a cute couple.....u guyz shud get to knoe bout each other more....jus follow ur heart....

hi priyanka

my self rahul saxena. u r the perfect bride. bcoz u r such a sweet girl. i tell u some thing about me. i am a software engineer in mnc. priyanka i really want to say that i love u very much. i know u like rajveer. but this is my feelings which i tell u. i repeat priyanka i really really love u very much. u take care. kyunki agr tum khush ho to main bhi hu.

hey priyanka plz leave rajbeer 4 puja..they r d perfect couple..dont b kabab mein haddi...u look like a aaunty..u r too old 4 rajdeep..puja is perfect..

Hi Priyanka, You are the perfect bride for rajveer. Both of u looking great together.

u look so sweet..:) n u look so sweet wit him..i kno you gonna win..

as we a ll know this type of show will not make any strong image among all for selection for the future as a bride or groom ...even rakhi savant also started changing her mind for called swaiyamvar ....
so anyway lets see.and as we saw the drama started at the show of perfect bride ..for publicity .....

so lets see...........

priyanka you are best for me i want to see you to be winner

priyanka u r very sweet...u r in love wth rajbir u bth make a gud couple ..hope rajbir wins the task and takes u for the date.....

hey miss prianca,,y r u suggested priyanka to leave rajveer for pooja?i think pooja is a dishonest girl and she doesn't deserve rajveer.priyanka is best for him.

hi priyanka.......! i m a class 12 student frm dps, bokaro. and i wanna say dat u've got a very traditional look which really beautifies ur appearance. i like d way u be simple n yes u r d most perfect match 4 rajveer not pooja coz a boy lyk him needs a girl like u not her.she plays game at every moment. rajveer luvs u truly. stay 2gether always happily. u both luk gr8 2gether!

hey prianca...priyanka is so innocent n pure...voh kehte hai naa duniyadari ki koi milavat nahin...unlike pooja who is crafting schemes....all the best priyanka and rajbeer

hey priyanka,i wish u all d best in ur life.u n rajbir luks gr8 is in air.u bod complement eachothr.


watch out for ur qualifications be4 u go for rajbeer. only looks don't matter. U being an MBA(HR) are goin to sit at home and cook food or look after some stone diggin mine! therz no scope for you at his hometown.wat r goin to do? take him away from his parents n leave the poor old ppl alone!

u look so motti n unhealthy!

hi priyanka bansi here you are so beautiful i like you so much rajbeer and you both looks very good togther but what i feel is only looking is not important so give some more time to your relatioship and understand each other and i am sure that you will be a best couple

u r soo sweet.....nd u r the best perfect bride....nd we all people think that rajbeer is ur perfect match....
so all the best




hiHi priyanka u r too nice.u and Rajbeer made for each other.u've nice smile u look gorgeous with rajbeer i think GOD made u for rajbeer. i hope u and rajbeer will be a perfect couple. I'M watching this programe only for U and rajbeer.

HI Priyanka,
I watch the show only for the chemistry between you and Rajveer.
You are nice girl with good look and mature apporach towards the life.Wish you best of luck for future.

hey sharmila how do u say like this???

you are watching that program bcoz of meee naaa????????

ok sorry;;;;

rajveer and priyanka made for each other no doubts na.??

Priyanka u dont look gud with rajbeer. he is very handsome n u looks like a aunty n a behnji type...(moti)jst see ur unhealthy figure...rajbeer is rich that's why tum use fasa rhi ho....pura chandigarh pooja k sath pooja n rajbeer's jodi is perfect...u jst go to hell...

ha ha...i like the above comment!
ditto :)

me too like d abv comment.. she z so bhnji n moti bhais

hi priyanka raghu here u luk very cute wit rajbeer.. he is very caring u wil be very happy wit him..good luck for ur future take care....09611500059

priyanka ..dont run after rajbeer..give him space....he is a jatt boy but u r not......
so better to leave rajbeer u r not a suitable match 4 him......
.....understand u notanki.....

1 thing i forgot 2 tell u that u were looking like a buffalo in blue towel in ur last date with rajbir
and miss priyanka in last task u got the role of madhuri ......but u were not even looking like her sandle it....

heloo priyanka...ji...!!

Sabse pehle to "lux perfect bride of d week" k liye aapko dher sari bdhaiyan. Or dusri bat ki tum in tuchhe puchhe logo ki bat mat suno jinhone apni sakl abhi tak sahi dhang se nhi dekhi jo tum pe comment kar rhe h.
m tum sab se puchna chahta hu ki tumne kis base pe ye faltu ki batein kahi h priynka k bare me. Sabhi gals ko compare karke dekho priynka jase nayan-naks kisi bhi knya k nhi h. she is very very beautiful. she is very simpe ,beutiful, intteligent ,innocent ,caring, loveable. use achhe bure ki phchan h.
Anyway ,mujhe pakka viswas h ki rajbeer or tum is contest ko jarur jitego .
best of luck..........!!!

hiiii..priyanka...plzzz tum naak mat chadaya karo tum billkul bhi achi nahi lagti ho...or haan vaise tum sweet ho par rajbeer se jayada agar tum rajbeer se alag rahogi toh jayada acha hoga...kkk...

priyanka jee you are not good match for rajbeer virnda and rajbeer make a good pair you toh look like his aunty.



Yesterday's Episode was a shocker. I guess Rajbeer's father isn't too sure about Priyanka that's probably the reason why he asked Rajbeer to look at other options. Priyanka, I feel is an awesome girl. Right mix of looks and maturity. However I am dissapointed about what happened after Rajbeer's father left. Here we have priyanka, who just a few hours before Rajbeer's father came to the house, declares on National TV that she is sure about her marriage with Rajbeer and Rajbeer seconds her desicion. In just a couple of hours their decision changes. I guess they were never in love. If they really loved each other then they would had been able to withstand all family pressures. With due respect to their decisions I would be very sad to see them seperate. I pray that they see these testing times off together.

Hey I forgot to add...........
I would be more than happy to marry Priyanka.........
I wish I could meet her once.

Mr GOD...then pls go marry her :)

She is opportunist maybe if you try she might say yes who knows

Priyanka yesterday what you did with Rajbir was super bitchy....soon after your chai ka bolawa when u found out that his parents dint like soon turned towards yash...sayin his mom apka naam mere moom se milta tha and stuff...3 weeks tat yeh nahi realise hua abh hoh raha hai...

India is not blind!! and yes your blue saadi was super yuck aunty is an understatement.

With a lil salt and pepper look you would have looked his grandmother :) hahahaha....

For all of prinka's fans open your eyes :) and pray you wont eva get a gurl like tat...

Rajbir's dad is total right that gurl will break the family in pieces....Pooja is good for him :) mature and good to talk to :)

Priyanka start being honest and stop faking....then hopefully you will get a good guy in future.


Yes, Pooja and Rajbeer will look gorgeous together, the beauty and the hunk. I hope Rajbir dumps Priyanka and goes with mature, beautiful Pooja jo uske layak hain

hi priyanka ....u r damm sweet. I want u to win the contest. All the best.

Prianka just be ur self as always. God is with u. Any guy who will marry u will be the luckiest.


Dear Anonymous why are you taking all this personally. I am dissaponted from yesterday's episode. I had high expectations from Priyanka. It would had been appreciated that instead of sobbing in front of Yash she would had been able to pour her heart out in front of Rajbeer. A love marriage is bound to suceed if your best friend is your husband. If she would had discussed her concerns with Rajbeer then maybe things would had been different. Like I said earlier, maybe they never were in love and it was just a sort of attraction. Like Diamonds, true love would always shine more when you grind it. It remains to be seen how there love story unfolds.

Priyanka, none of the boys in the show are suitable for you, you deserve much better. Thank God! Rajbir's father came and we saw their real face before it was too late. People who are not sensitive and do not respect others' emotions and feelings (just arrogant about their own perceived superiority, should not be given any importance. Rajbir only has surface level good looks, he is not educated enough and cannot speak properly (he will need training and therapy for speech). Stone-crushing business? not impressive at all. Even the other four are more qualified than Rajbir. Don't despair Priyanka, just leave this stupid show, where everybody is losing perspective and sense of proportion.

Priyanka, none of the boys in the show are suitable for you, you deserve much better. Thank God! Rajbir's father came and we saw their real face before it was too late. People who are not sensitive and do not respect others' emotions and feelings (just arrogant about their own perceived superiority, should not be given any importance. Rajbir only has surface level good looks, he is not educated enough and cannot speak properly (he will need training and therapy for speech). Stone-crushing business? not impressive at all. Even the other four are more qualified than Rajbir. Don't despair Priyanka, just leave this stupid show, where everybody is losing perspective and sense of proportion.

Priyanka, please smack out of it.
Rajbir has no personality in front of his father, he cannot assert himself. He looked very sensitive earlier, when he would cry very easily for small things. But when such a big thing happened he remained calm and strong (which is good in itself), but then we have to say, he is not consistent. He can go to any direction, especially when it will come to his father he will not protect you from harsh experiences. His Mom looks okay, but I do not think any one speaks in his family when his father speaks, good or bad. You will have a tough time in his family, leave him. Rajbir will never make a good marriage with a woman of personality and substance, he needs someone like himself.

Why did Rajbir not bring his whole family to the show including all the relatives who will decide for him? It's good that the father came, and things are clear now. Rajbir just folds his tail and goes to a corner like a scared dog when his father speaks. Beware all the girls, stay away from rajbir.

anonymous I already said many time he is man without spine.
And he is nothing but just as struggling person at age of 27 also? how a person who himself financially depending upon his father can go against him.
All other four guys earn their money themselves and confidence cann be easily seen in all of them.

Yes anonymous, i agreed that guy who start weeping on small things remain calm and focus and sure even when his father made statements and he did not show any emotions when his girl ( which he say he is interested) is weeping and that also in front of other guy. we all see editied things and we r not aware of relations between many of them. Like Nandita and Amrita were quite good friends. relationship between mothers who r side tracked since last week :).And we were not aware of freindship between Yash and Priyanka.
Priyanka must have been some quite good qualities that one guy like her as partner and other is quite a good friend of her. He is younger than her otherwise i think they would had made a beautiful couple.

My self Pradeep sharma from delhi and i like this show.

hi priyanka ......u n rajbeer make a gud couple and both of you looking great together.he is very nice man and i think dat he really likes u and his mother will accept u as a daughte ..

I agree with the other anonymous that Priyanka and yashdeep are good friends, it was stated in the commentary of the show. It is natural to talk to a friend when one feels the way priyanka was feeling at that particular moment, and not with the person involved, Rajbir. When it's obvious that Yahdeep and Gurpreet are going strong, Priyanka wouldn't be stupid enough to think anything else about him, and of course he is much younger.

just imagine, how Rajbir had tears in his eyes when Priyanka's sister said she could not bear to see tears in her sister's eyes (that woman basically had to be her big sister and mother at the age of 13 when the mother died and Priyanka was 4-5, of course they are too attached), but now that Priyanka is visibly in pain, but having to maintian her composure because she is on national TV and in an environment when each is scrutinized every minute, Rajbir looks so indifferent, that alone is so nerve-wrecking, let alone everything else.

guys see priyanka's background usne life mai bhut kuch dekha hai wo natak nhi kar rahi hai yar sochu jiske parents uski 4-5 saal ki age mai chale gye ho uski life kasi rahi hogi......yar sabko usse pyar dena chayye......but wha sab uske sath galat kar rahe hai


Hi Priyanak, Don't listen to all those haters !! They are mean, most of those girls want you leave Rajbeer so they can have them.....they are jealous. So far, Rajbeer and you are JUST PERFECT and MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. Don't let anyone let you think otherwise. Your chemistry is perfect with him. All that Punjabi crap for fake ass Pooja is bull !! don't listen to anyone...i hope you and rajbeer end up being together because you are just too sweet and unbelievably real XOXOXO

Anonymous i completely agree with u.....yar muje tuo bas ye lagata hai mai apna msg kase puchao priyanka ko pls don't listen anyone....yar i luv u priyanka plz guys vote for priyanka otherwise other people eliminate her

Priyanka, after listening to you speak, I really question your education and qualifications!

You also seem so two faced. I guess your real side is coming out now.

he priyanka when i first time saw u my view was positive for u but in real u r so much different we see second aspect of show i think u r very clever u make conspiracy for others u r not nice even u make fool to rajveer i think u should live this show bcoz u r not deserving candidate ok understand...better understand

hi priyanka! you are a wonderful person and you and rajveer make the best couple in the show.we love watching you both together.please dont leave both like each other you should be together.dont listen to anyone else.we enjoying watching you both in london

rajveer dont listen to anyone listen to your heart. you know you like priyanka.dont let her go she is a perfect bride for you.i dont think she will be thinking about any other guys in the both sult so much together.priyanka sharma is so sweet and beauitful.rajveer and priyanka the best couple in the show.rajveer your very good looking and sweet

Rajveer and Priyanka sharma the best couple in the show. priyanka is a beauitful girl in the show.she gets alone with the mothers.rajveer parents should accept priyanka sharma as a "daughter in law" she is a perfect bride in the show.we think rajveer and priyanka sharma should spend more time together to know each other.we love watching them both together

made the msot ugly decision by eliminating Gaurav." bht chalak hai yaar " u write Gaurav's name on envelope. u know very well that pooja is gonna save hitesh n u say in front of rumpa that u thought pooja wud save Gaurav. u talk like politician.u have a ugly heart in back of good face.shame on u!! u dislike hitesh n his mom n today u say "i did that coz all girls told me to do so" u r most buddi bride on the show. don't u have brains to think n act.."U CAT"

hey i agree with u Anonymous u right yar why everybody balme her she is sach nice girl yar uski jagha aur koi hota tuo wo bhi kisi ko nikalta jise i think kisi aur ko dukh hota yar why nandita & rumpa react like this unko samjhna chaiye she is not playing any game....pls everybody undrstand her feeling & vote for her....she is very true....her feeling 4 raj is true pls support her ....agr priyanka nhi rahi na iss show mai tuo koi iss show ko nhi dekhega...sab yhi bolte hai....pooja is sach a fake grl she is very chalu...

i dnt know why everyone blaming priyanka.she had to eliminate cud be anyone of this 5 groom.rumpa saying she cant think eliminate of gaurav & vivek.pooja already saved hitesh.if she eliminated yash thn gurpreet wud be upset.thn who left?only u guys think dat priyanka gonna eliminate her own love?moreover rajbeer's mom was mummy of the week so theres no ques.come to eliminate shud be out of the show & it is time someone else.dats the format of diz show.juss take it easy & stop blaming her pls.I feel dat shes really nice girl.she lost her mom & dad very childhood & now she found it on rahbeer'r mom.i dnt think shes playing any kinda drama.coz from the 1st episode she said im looking not only for a groom & a family aswell.diz rajbeer'r mom is playing drama now.she knows rajbeer & priya like each other & she supported it infront of them bt at the same time shes playing wid vrinda's emotion.dats ridiculous.guys pls vote for priyanka.she really need it.

priyanka you rock your very beauitful. your the perfect bride for rajveer. take him for a date again. always take care of his family and mum.we love watching you both together.

rajveer and priyanka sharma are the best you both rock guys. we dont thing he suits any other girls in the house. best couple on the show

priyanka sharma your beauitful girl. take rajveer out and spend more time together.plz let them spend more time together.

hi priyanka. u r perfect bride. plzzzzz sab priyanka ko vote karoo wo bohat achi haiii. agar priyanka is main nahi nahi rahy gi tooo main to ya show nahi dekhoon gi.priyanka u r sooooooooooo sweet.plzzz priyanka ko galat na samjoo us ko kisi na kisi ko to nikal na hii tha naa is jaga koi b hota to asa hi karta na.

Ive heard that rajvir has a liv in gf called miss chaudhry. ive also heard that rajvir is a wannabe model and he is faking it on da show. priyanka has also been livin in mumbai since past 1 year for acting. both are fake.

Hi sweety,
U r jst great.
U have a million dollor smile.
Keep it up.

Anonymou who said ki priyanka is livin in mumbai since past 1 year for acting. both are fake.....bulshit u have any proof no na thn pls dn't sprd these houmr.....i have proof for pooja n rajbir but i nvr see priyanka....priyanka is very nice girl pls vote for her she is very nice.....priyanka ko log pasand kar rahe isley log uske bare mai ase hi kuch kuch baate bana rahe hai

very good going priyanka u r taking really good decision.just do wat u think not wat other think ok and i can say only very good going and keep it up and best of luck for future

mujhe lagta hai k hitesh k mumma ko khud pr control krna chiyea.mujhe lagta hai unhe bolne ka pta hi nai hai.k baat kaise ki jaati hai.aur aapne sabhi ne dekha hoga k wo khud ko bhut modren samjhti hai jo k unki bhut badi galat famhi hai.wo jo bhi modren banne k liye krti hai bhut odd lagta hai.aur hitesh i think chota nai hai aur use bhi samjhna chiyea k apne mom ko control mai rakhe.aur pooja ko apni power ka galat use nai krna chiyea hitesh ko bachane mai.aur mujhe lagta hai k hitesh ki jaldi se jaldi rawangi honi chiyea not bcoz of hitesh just becoz of his mom.thanx
and in the end best of luck yar priyanka good going yar.....aur hitesh k mom se bacho wo rishte kyun bna rahi hai samjho best of luck priyanka

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priyanka and rajveer you both watchinh you both.she is the perfect bride for rajveer.

rajveer your the best in the show.priyanka is the perfect birde for you.get together asap varinda dont suit rajveer.i hate varinda.priyanka you rock girl

hi priyanka we love watching you and rajveer together.your always taking care of rajveer.always be there for both rock

hi beauitful priyanka. make sure you take rajveer on a date again and spend more time both are stunning couple in the show.we love you

im in big tension now.for sure hitesh mom is going to eliminate priyanka.luckly yash won the task so there is little chance to save priyanka.lekin hitesh ka mom agar pehle nandita ka naam le to yash will save her & thn she can eliminate priyanka easily.i think diz cleaver lady gonna do of luck priyanka......guys pls vote 4 priyanka pls guys pls vote 4 her

dont worry sudha dear..
yash is gonna save nandita, ms priyanka's gonna b the bride of week n shez gonna b saved and vrinda or some other one is gonna b out...
ye sab bakwas show hai...already scripted one.


Whats the hell, I've had never seen such a funny serial, what message does star plus want to give to ppl of India.


You look perfectly misfit for this show and most definitely for Rajveer!!
Pooja is the PERFECT BRIDE for Rajveer. You were aware that if you eliminated Hitesh and mom Pooja will be available for Raj (and that’s what Raj’s parents also want) that’s why you eliminated Gaurav.
You are very fat (look like a baby elephant), have no sense of dressing, makeup, style of speech or any class. What you wore on your first date, my maid would refuse to wear it! C’mon you r on national television, couldn’t choose proper clothing???

The phrase is "What the hell", not -"what is the hell"...LOL
-u Bahenji-

I really donot agree with few of the ppl commented above.
Personally I believe PYRIANKA IS THE PERFECT BRIDE for the show & suits best for RAJBEER.
I wish them both best of luck & hope they both win the show.
I also pray that Rajbeer's parents agree for their relationship as soon as possible.

hi priyanka u r the perfect bride 4rajveer pooja ki tarah sabhi mom ka dil jitlo or pooja ko harado jese pooja ko har mom pasand karti hai fir aap ko bi kar ne lagegi hitesh ki mom bahot denjaras hai yesdip k sat bi aap bhot achi lagti hai yesdip bi bahot acha larka hai

I donot know why anonymous want us to like Pooja. I am not asking him to like Priyanka. He/she can call her aunty or Behen ji, what so ever he/she wants to call her. It gives me clear understanding of that person also. It tell me that whether i can converse with that person or not.

You are entitled to have your views so we are.And I am with this blog only because i found it genuine enough even voting. I thanks admin even to share voting info with me. I have no as interest in site administration or finances.

I think this is blog, on whom guys ca depend upon not any kind of rigging. I will be one to poin t out if I witnessed any.

Tomm may be majority starts liking Pooja, I will not say them biased. Once they do, I will accept that she ismost liked girl in show. But that is not case.

people who donot like priyanka has strange reasons. She is behenji (means girl from small town and girl who si no phoo phaa like ) Benhji is also used for girl , who is not from english medium. She is real woman menas not zero size so she is also behenji. She at once liked by smartest guy in show tat is also making her object of jealously of many girls.
Any one can favour any one and hate any one but gives valid reasons not like aunty aur behen ji.

priyanka is tooo fake..she is the real actor if she act in films she will get awards because her acting is very natural..and she know how make the peoples in her hands

i reallyyy really LOVE RAJBEER a loooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttt
plz somehow bring him back i cant see this show any more i hate gurpreet. i was crying when rajbeer was eliminated i feel like i cant live without loking this lovely couple RAJ-PRIYANKA ...........


Hey Priyanka....U are the ultimate perfect doubt about it...i totally admire ur safe play in this show and guess what our birthdays match too....

hey priyanka, u r really very cute ya .plz don't cry rajbeer will be urs,u r perfect couple.You are the perfect bride for rajbeer. don't cry yaar.

hey priyanka u r soo cute and soo lovable i think u and rajveer looks so cute together and u knoe what i see this show only bc of u and rajveer so good luck for ur future i hope not in this show but outside u both will get married

Hi Priyanka, I think that you are the only female contestant that really stands out. I lover your personality it is very similar to mine, if we lived on the same continent then we would be great friends. I hate to see you cry and the way that the other girls bitch at you instead of undertanding your feelings. I firmly belive that peeople are jeolouse because you got to bride of the week so many times. I think that you deserved it. People are two faced they first say that the show isn't really reality that it has been scripted then they complain when only you and pooja get title of bride of the week. I just wanted to point out that if the show really was scripted then each and very bride would get the opportunity to be bride of the week. It is all based on votes. You have all the right attitude. Also I wanted to clarify to someone who said that Raj's mom does not like you, she never said anything about not liking you all she had told Raj was that he should keep his options open. Also I think that you are genuine not fake becuase this last week when Pooja got to be bride of the week I saw the happiness on your face was really from the heart. Also you are not possessive over raj either you actually were hurt when Vridna was almost eliminated because I know that you care about Raj enough to want the best for him that is the difference between you and Gurpreet who began crying when yash made that comment that he felt closer to you after the dance than to gurpeet because you are at that mature level and a lot of the people see that. I have a lot of respect for you and I wish you all the best!!!!!!!!!

YOU Will Never Achieve which you want becoz you r not smart, good looking. you r destroying this show to stay with them all. i realy hate you. you r not perfect for anyone else in this show. you seem to be very age rather than your actual age.

hi priyanka your so sweet i really love you,
your so sweet and so nice and beautiful
i really want to make you my friend because your just looks like my best frined and you r looking so nice with rajveer be honest with him and i wish he also be honest with you

Seena Mangal from AFGANISTAN

hi,priyanka u r so so sweet,u look great with Rajveer,ur the real perfect bride for Rajveer

hello priyanka i luv u soo much u knw why because only u rthe one girl on the show who is interested in getting married with rajvir
best of luck to all of u guys with my best wishes of god blessng ok baby bye take care
jaldi se usse shaadi karo aur happy wedding lfe mein busy ho jao god bless u baby

hiiiiiii priyanka...
u and rajbir are both cute and look like a sweet couple...:-):-)
God bless you and have a happy life...
j koi negative comment de reha tan dont listen and dont think about that comment that rajbir is jatt and u r not... only u have 2 concentrate about what you have in your front(rajbir) and go with him for a whole life and enjoy and dont think so much ... just go forward and get him your life partner.... :-):-):-)

Priyanka you and rajveer is very cute jodi in this world you both are so lovebla person
goodluck & all the best

wotevr thers says abt priyanka, is all mad, she is vry beautiful, admirable, perfect choice 4 rajbir, they both r calm.............i wanna see them in the top, n i no it will happn 1 day ven all will punk thereself ahead them?i lov priyanka sharma,pls guys do vote 4 her, she deserves r vote?pls do vote her?rummpa is fake n his kutta boy hitesh too?i don like both of them coz rumpa marrying him becoz of fear of gaurav, coz she made a promise vth him.........

priyanka aap ko aina dikhana chahte ho aap apne aap ko samjte kya ha aap to policy khayl rahi ha aap yaha to sedhi saawatre bane ha magar asal ma boht chalak aur khudgarz ho kise sa larna tumhare baaye hath ka khel ha tum sub ko bura zahir karte ho magar kabhi khud ko aina ma dekha ha and ya sedhi and masoom hone ka natak band karo plzzzzzzz.....

priyanka me kya kaho tumhare bare me kuch kahne ke leye tm ne bachaya he nhi ha me tumhe jitna sidhi sadhi samjhte the afsos tm to like he nhi ho kise ke? pata nhi rajbeer ne kya daikh kar tumhe pasand kya ha?tm ne to pooja ko be badnaam kar deya ha us ne tmhara kya bigara tha.tmhe to kise ke parwa he nhi ha muje to lagta ha tm perfect bride me aane ke like he nhi jitna be tmhare bare me kaho kam ha.

i don't agree with above comment. what is wrong with you guys..Priyanka is not fake at all. i think she should be the perfect bride. she doesn't show up fake anything like Rumpa and Hitash. Rajbeer and Priyanka made for each other.

Priyanka is not fake, rather she is human and circumstances in her life might have made her emotional. Rumpa is changing colors rather showing her true color now, after getting attention a little. But, Priyanka is the same right from the beginning no power, nor title made any difference in her. Gurpreet was rightly judged by Yash's mom, she is jealous and her statements speaks volumes about her character. Rumpa and Gurpreet are birds of same feathers, hence they find Priyanka fake. Yash is saved , he will definetly find a best bride than Gurpreet. I wish Priyanka the best of all things and loving and happy life.

priyanka iz da most disssgussting contestant on da show!!...she'z a total melodrama queen....i hd evn quit watchin da show wn she wz continuously gettin 2 b da bride of da week..........she may not b she aint dat perfect az she showz herself 2 b......she'z a creep...let her have rajbir..giv a dam bout she dznt dezerves da title at oll...she'z simply an opportunist..

priyanka i am not sorry to say this that you should not win and you do not look good with rajveer.

you are mean, evil, clever, and a cry baby.

did you ever go through puberty? i mean you cry like a baby.

Ppl gt ova urslfz, no 1 is perfect n 4 priyanka bein close 2 perfect u crnt tke it! i mean she is da onli 1 hu stuck 2 1 guy al thru out unlyk rumpa. priyanka aint bthrd abt winin da shw she hs sd so many tymz dat shez fnd hr lyf partnr n dznt cre if she dnt gt maried here. wat gz arnd cumz arnd n al da ppl sayn bd abt priyanka wil realise wn it hpnz 2 u. luv u priya n raj.x

N looks aint da onli tng dt counts 4 a persn, da ppl hu kp sayn prynka is ugly n fat nd 2 luk in dm slvz n tnk hw gud n perfect we r, maybe dz sum1 tnkn bd of u 2, u aint sin wat rajbir hs sin in hr, n i wud luv 2 av sin u al dt r sayn shz a cry baby wt state u wud of bn in if ur parnts died wile u wer yung, sure u wudnt be smilin 24 7 nw! its cald human nature sum ppl r very sensitive n emotional unlyk rude, thick, dumb lyk u al hu dnt knw hw 2 tlk n jus judge by da frnt! NEVA JUDGE A BUK BY ITS COVA!

hi priyanka

my self suraj vankwani from pakistan. nd u r the perfect bride. priyanka i really want to say that i love u, i know u love rajbeer but this is my feeling which i tell u. priyanka u always take and be HAPPY, because i feel very gud when u r happy or when u laugh. and once more i repeat i really really looovvveee youuuuu.

hey priyanka

u and rajbeer are best couple in perfect bride, shame that rumpa should've won nevermind u two will get married at the end of the day...u r nice and sweet, don't let people like gurpeet and rumpa tear you apart...u have my support

Hi Priyanka I am a fan of urs and rajbeer. My name is sapna n i am from Spain. I am very curious to knw till where has ur relation reached and when will u get married. I knw its a repeated Q. but really looking forward for a reply. Would be happy if you could reply at


hi priyanka ur very sweet nice girl.. i think u will be tha perfect bride for rajveer...
All the best priyanka...

hey priyanka this jyoti u r very sweet & ur groom rajbir also very sweet. u both look best couple with each other.
i just want to know after lux perfect bride what happen with u & between rajbir.
when we will get good news from your side i & my fly very excited to know about your marriage.

when you & rajbir will get marry.
& when will get the ans from youside.

Hi Rajbeer , Hello Priyanka

Hru both?

I am Pankaj.

hope you both are doing well.
I would like to know about you and priyanka, what happen wid both of you?
did u get marry or not?

your dad get ready or not?

try to understand him that priyanka is a very ideal "BAHU" for our family.

I am waiting for your response.

pls.both of you can mail me :

Seena Mangal from Afghanistan was sending some comments for that show, but I think she should also know about relations

Hi Pryanka jee
The show is really good and I wish to see couples get togather when their hearts get togather. But there are some girls as Seena Mangal from Afghnaistan who never undrestood the importance of relations and love, but she still writes comments on what is good and what is not. I think she should make her own heart clean and than have comments on others relations for good or for bad