Rumpa Roy - Lux Perfect Bride Contestant

Rumpa Roy
Date of Birth and Age: Aug 28th, 1983; 25 yrs
Qualification: Bachelors in design
Profession: Senior Fashion Designer
Family: Nuclear family consisting of Father, mother, brother and sister in law.
Caste: Bengali Brahmin

What is your definition of a perfect bride?
Mentally prepared to take on responsibilities knowing that there will be hurdles and accepting it to be a part of her family so that it doesn't seem like a compromise at all, as it will be done with love and concern.

How are you preparing for the show?
I am going to be simple and honest about whatever I do, no pretensions so no prior preparations.

What qualities are you looking for in your partner?
Someone who is not self centered, who is understanding, sensitive to emotions of others, and this determines how he will take care of me, my family and his own.

What made you choose this medium to find your groom?
The mother plays the most important role in marriage and it is only her involvement that got me interested in finding my partner here. Her blessing is the most crucial and it is our destiny that they are with us throughout the show.

How do you plan to impress your mother in law?
It never works if you try and impress someone so I will not even try.

What according to you is the mantra for a perfect match?
Lots of love, so when adjustments are made they don't seem as compromise.

Which celebrity couple do you admire the most?
Amir and Sanjeeda


hi rumpa , you are the most beautiful
girl in the contest along with priyanka sharma.your profile simplicity beauty qualifies well with
Mr gaurav. He is your perfect man.

Rumpa is the deserving candidate in this show. Calm and quiet, understanding... very lovable. I wish her good luck!!

Rumpa you r so different then others. your dimple make you more sweet. Dear I can't find any boys in this show who will be perfect for you please dear quite this show.

Rumpa ! I think u r little bit ego type cool lots of boy r there in India. Its not like that u have to select anyone of them anyhow. Let them free...let Gaurab free to choose the girl and let girls to choose Gaurab....

Hi Rumpa,i am from delhi and i find you the most beautiful and charming from other girls..Actually i am a CA student & doesn't know much about the show,i watch tv & perfect bride only because of you..May God Help you find the perfect groom.Good Luck!!

hi..rumpa ur so beautiful and so good...ur perfect match is gourav..may god help u all the way....good luck.....

Hi rumpa who r the most deserving bride i hope u will only become the lux perfect bride,all the very best for it,and dont be so emotonal with gaurav understand him properly and take a decision ,know aout what his feelings are for you from his side and check whether he is playing a game with you.

Hi..... you know mai jab bhi tumhe dekhta hu to mujhe meri ek dost yaad aa jati hai.....kitni ajib baat hai 2 alag alag jagah ke log lekin unke chehre ekdam same.... yakin mano vo agar tumhare samne aa jaye to tum use apni mirror image hi samjhogi.

hiiiii..rumpa ur the perfect bride and gaurav is ur perfect groom..ur love is god will be with u....i wish u all the very best....

Hi Roompa,I am Ranabir from Kolkata. you are the most good looking girl I ever seen in my life.I think anyone on the show is deservable to marry you because you are very unique among all.I like you because we both are of same caste bengali. I have become the biggest fan of you.please contact me .It will be my dream 9851217118.I LOVE YOU.

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hi rumpa,you are the most deserving girl to be the perfect bride.Hope to see you as a perfect bride this week.

Hi rumpa,you are very emotional girl,but dont be very emotional with gaurav bcoz he was ver confused between you and nandita his mind says about u n his heart says about nandita,I think he was playing game with you n ways ur the best among others.

hi rumpa..this is nitesh working as engineer in delhi. i watch regularly perfrct bride bcoz of you..wen gaurav was leaving the show i saw your are most beautiful, understanding & emmotional girl..i watch the show just to see you. i like you.gaurav is nice guy bt he has to take clear & final decision about you..take care..choose the best guy..byeeee

Hi Rumpa,You seem's to e the dignified lad in perfect bride,I every time want you to become the perfect bride of the week ,lets hope this week u become,and whenever u make decision aout r life think practical don't be so emotional,as people take advantage of it,You look great with gauravas well as hitesh ut gaurav is ver clever his intentions was not very clear about you as he was very confused about his relationship with you,hitesh is very lovely person to be with as he thinkjs from his heart,an ways take fair decision.bye....

Rumpa is now the hot favourite bride in the show after elimination of Nandita and Gurpreet. Priyanka comes as the next choice, not Pooja. Pooja is playing game to win the prize money. She is utilizing Hitesh and her Mom as the spring board. Stupid Sudesh Rani and her son are ignorant about this. Do they know that their dream bride is a film actress? She is a very ambitious girl. She doesn’t think of marrying anybody from this show, not to speak of Hitesh. Hitesh is not a perfect match for Pooja in any respect. Hitesh is a pleader by profession in a small town far from Bollywood. Sky is the limit for Pooja. Moreover, Pooja’s mom doesn’t like Hitesh. Though, Vegi and non-vegi issues are all Pooja’s ‘bahanas’ in order to keep a room to escape from the trap of Sudesh Rani, the villain. Priyanka should not bring her sister all the time in the show who might cause de-popularizing her image as an independent girl. Star Plus Private Ltd. should also find a groom for Sudesh Rani Chauhan. Shekhor Shumon could be the perfect match for this woman. Then comes Amrita Rao. Channel should think about her too. Finally, people would like to know from the Organizer, how come Hitesh’s mom has been nominated as the mom of the week repeatedly ignoring so called viewers’ poll! Everybody, including a small child, understands that this was manipulated by the Channel. Does the producer think that the people of India are all idiots? >>>>

i think u r a perfect bride among all girls in show,,,,u will definitely win,

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Rumpa werent u d 1 who confessed dat u 'LOVE' gaurav on dis veery stage??...i guess u dnt noe d meanin of dis word havin changed syds so quickly .bt den hitesh is ur type aftr awl he 2 strtd 'LUVING' u in just 2 days ..BRAVO FAKOS!! x-(

hey rumpa,plz get out of this show...u kow wat when eva i saw u ,hitesh an his mom on the screen i feel like vomiting.U r the worst amoung newas u three matches a lot i would say.u r really a fake gal not priyangka......frm m point of view priyangka should be the lux perfect bride...

Good Luck For u Show.............

hi rumpa,
we all know that u r beautiful girl.
but i want to let u know tht priyanka is also a very good girl.and u should respect her..After watching todays show i m very much disappointed with u...

i think rumpa u r nt deserving girl who will b a lux perfect bride.u all three person (hitesh,mom)cant understand others emotions...........i will pray to god plz eliminate her.u r so mean.plz respect other emotions also...........priyanka and rajbir deserving person who can make lux perfect bride....................all d best both of u...............

i think lux perfect bride show sponser by hetesh father coz he is a very rich man. i want to tell lux perfect bride production team that don't try to play millions of peoples heart and giving mom of the week to hetesh mom and bride of the week to rumpa everyone knows 99 percent people hate hetesh mom also rumpa very few people support her. the majority of people support to priyanka but they are not giving this week bride of the week this is bullshit i don't believe all fakes.

i think u r a perfect bride among all girls in show,,,,u will definitely win, plz vote for rumpa she deserve plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

hi Rumpa!!! I LOVE YOU. i think you will be the perfect bride. i can understand when you talk about hitesh going back to pooja. i would say that you should think again about hitesh because u are such a nice girl and he is quite hot tempered. nway best of luck.

Hi Rumpa...sorry to say you are so fake and cheap thank to god dat helped Guarav try to respect Priyanka she is so sweet but u i liked u be4 but since u showed ur real face i start hating u and try to respect ur mom rather than running after Hitesh

u r d perfect bride n wish u all d best to win this title n hitesh wud b d best match 4 u..
wish both of u good wishes 4 future..

u truely truely deserve 2 b da lux perfect bride.....some1 who iz nt desperate 4 a subtle.......unlyk othr creepy gurlz who r dyin 2 win da money involved.......u dont act 2 like pepl js 4 da sake of votes...neither do u fake 2 b miss goody 2 shoez...ol da vry best!!

you should win! i wish you a happy life forever! perfect bride forever!

vfor rumpa plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz she deserve

hi...rumpa am neha i love perfect nt u ,hithesh nd sudeshrani,nd gurpreet...u nd gurpreet are jealous for priyanka...u r fake..nd ego type gal...except priyanka all nice people left...priyanka alll the best to u...i hope u dnt need best wishes...bye...

rumpa ur nt beautiful do rmmba dt n u dnt desrve to win dis competition
machi ko dekhkar ha karti hai