Available Tata Sky package offers

Tata Sky offers over 171 channels and services, designed to suit the varying needs of our subscribers. The packages include a wide array of television channels in DVD quality picture and CD quality sound and a host of new-age interactive services.

Actve Mall: Save time and money, shop on your TV!Now, you can buy electronic appliances, household goods and even mobile ringtones & wallpapers, at the press of a button! That’s right, with Actve Mall on Tata Sky you can shop from the comfort of your home at a time most convenient to you. Avail of attractive prices on all products.

Actve Cooking: Get your favourite recipes when you want
On Actve Cooking you can get your favourite recipe when you want at the press of a button. The service features 9 new and easy-to-cook recipes daily, from master chefs across the country including Sanjeev Kapoor. Also, get a new handy kitchen tip every day

Actve Wizkids: Make your child a genius
Designed specifically for preschoolers, Actve Wizkids is a television based service that aims to continue a child’s learning process at home through a host of fun learning games, rhymes and art & craft activities. Now children can also enjoy their favourite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh and more on Actve Wizkids.
Actve Wizkids is refreshed at 10 am and 4 pm everyday.

Actve Learning: Take daily quizzes covering Maths, GK and Science on your television
A quiz based educational interactive learning service covering Maths, GK and Science for children in the age group of 7-12 years. The Did You Know section helps enhance GK with interesting facts. The quiz content for this interactive learning service is provided by 24x7guru.com

Actve Stories: Enjoy your favourite story books on television
A television based story book that children can read and listen to at their own pace. The service features new stories in English and Hindi everyday from the likes of Panchatantra, Jataka Tales and Hitopadesh. Now children can also enjoy their favourite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh and more on Actve Stories.
You will now be able to listen to your favourite stories in six languages - English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali and Marathi.

Actve Topper: Revise your Maths and Science syllabus on TV
An interactive service that provides you with revision tests and key learnings for chapters taught in Maths and Science in classes 9-12.
The topics revised on Actve Topper are based on topics taught for the day on Topper channel.

Actve Games: Interactive games for all ages
Choose from six games on your TV that can be played with the Tata Sky remote. These games on TV are refreshed periodically so that your excitement levels never wane.

Actve STAR News: Go directly to your favourite news section
Control how and when you want to watch the news. Go directly to:
• Headlines
• Top stories
• Features

Actve Astrology: Get daily astrology predictions, at the press of a button
Find out what each day has in store for you with daily predictions from Bejan Daruwalla’s Ganesha Speaks.

Actve Darshan: Get 24x7 darshan of the following temples: Shirdi Sai Baba, Mumbai’s SiddhiVinayak, ISKCON and Kashi Vishwanath
Get darshan of the ISKCON temple, Juhu and the Shirdi Sai Baba temple on your television, throughout the day. This new service is brought to you in partnership with STAR News.

Showcase: Your private multiplex at home
From the comfort of your home, watch the latest blockbusters in original prints, with a single ad-break. Showcase events can be ordered once and enjoyed multiple times through the day.