Its all Dragged: Part 1- Hamari Bahu Priyanka Sharma (Lux Perfect Bride)

Movies generally end with captions “The End”, “Lives happily after” or sometimes with “to be continues”.
Perfect bride has been dragged to such an extent that break point is going to reach any moment.
Take a first scene:
Sometime I wonders that, in house they had fixed camera, but what about outdoor? Is cameraman continuously follows contestants during outdoor shooting? Shooting on bike, requires cameraman either to be along with actors on shoot made bikes (like bikes on some other vehicle), or cameraman standing at fixed place and shoots incoming bike. So channel must requests or forces contestants to say something, when they come in front of cam. So it is not natural conversation but forced one.
In picnic spot also ,we did not witness a shot from single camera but camera clearly focus on Raj face, when he was speaking and on Priyanka’s face when she was saying something and on Juice glass when they are sipping it together. Same when they were chatting on side of lake. So do not know how they shoot. We did not see mobile box in Rajbeer hand till last scene where he tells us about 5 pixels camera in it. Channel can use participants for advertising, but it all looks forced and too filmy. It even raises doubts about conversation also. May be dialogues are also provided by channels.
Rajbeer, you always says that you have to say many things to Priyanka, but we always here only two things: 1) your dad is not so positive about marriage. 2) You miss Priyanka lot. Both dialogues are getting stale now and looked like repeat telecast.

Can you please explain to viewers also that how you will make your father agree 100% by coming back to show. What is going to change in coming two weeks or what special you are going to do in this duration which will make your father jumping with joy and crying “Hamari Bahu Priyanka”, “Hamari Bahu Priyanka” (remember B grade movie :Hamari Bahu Alka)
it is really getting stale and bore to see both, Priyanka and Raj talking same thing in every meeting they have.
Main point is that their story is almost concluded as far as show concerns. They will be couple in show and as far as marriage concerns that is not going to happen in show. So is there any logic to continue their story further?
So as far as this couple concerns, time has come for Perfect Bride to either put “The End” right now or either end show with caption “Search for perfect bride continues”. Putting “The End” after three week will convert show into “C class movie” which already has become “B class bore movie”.
Coming up:
Gurpreet : I wanna partner.
Rumpa: Kabhi Rumpa Bhi Sudesh Hogi.


i agree with u. I think participants are allowed to say whatever they can, for which cameras are following them. But so much showy people, atleast priyanka should also think of rajbeer's father, if he sees his son so romanticly involved in her, how can he show his face to the society.Bcoz he didn't accept priyanka at all. I think this natakbaazi of Raj-Pri saga should stop and Raj's dad should come again and take Raj away, so that he can lift hisface in the society.

whats wrong if his son is involved with girl? he must have come back to show along with his mother by dad permission's only.

If he is not show by dad permission ,then his mother would not have been on show?

he did not accept her , does not mean he wil never be. My only point i sthat as far as show concerns there is nothing left for us and show must end and choose its winner, instead of dragging show

Rudresh yaar - saabki dhajjiya ura di!

its all for the fame, as Raj already is in the fashion field and immensely tried for movies. he is making his fame through this show so that viewers would feel he is in demand. Iam sure he would never marry priyanka, as he already said once that he is in the show not to marry or engage anyone.

dhajiyaan tau abhi udaai nahin. i just stopped else if i had writen it yesterday night after show. I would not had spared any one.

Rudresh... valid point!

This show is already going to doldrums making the participants look lamer everyday!

Nirmiti every thing has limit after that it start looking uninteresting and unexciting. 13 weeks is too long time, if things has to happen then they can happen in 1 month or mostly 2 months. wrap show after that. let the contestants go away and after 1 month they still want to mary, fine u can show marriage also but same thin g going n day after day. what viewer will do. we had already seen both like each other and know. how long we wil be interesting to see same dialogues, same things. its stale. if both has said yes to marriage then it would have been fun to see engagement or marriage rituals on tv. its no fun to see them asking "how much u miss me" How much I miss u" and blah blah

u lost int even in ur own partner after some time. it takes routine kind of thing and some thing calm kind of affect. but as viewer they would not want me to have same affect for them. Viewer will be interested till end once they read the caption "lives happily after that" he does not bother. and for most of stories we know end. thus lose in interest also.

Gurpreet has one advantage which other girls dont have. Consent from both sets of parents. Vivek's mother strong enough to convince her husband. And Gurpreet wants to marry.Rumpa, watch out. If Sudeshrani tries to eliminate Gurpreet, then she cant face the outside world. That means ultimate betrayal.

So it will be like My Best friend's Wedding.

i don't like these reality show orgnizer bcoz of their TRP they always announced winner jo predicted ya expected na ho only 4 their TRP.....For example in lux perfect bride ornizer nver announced priyanka winner bocz everybody expecting her 2 win bcoz she is the most deserving bride......

rudresh i am always wating 4 your comment......i am always agree with your comment i like your comments

i think they were real.they both r the most romantic couple on d show.i hope his father agrees for their marriage if they win.ican't understand why raj's father is against it when he can consider fake pooja as his bahu then why not priyanka.i think he has a prob coz she lost her parents at a early age & they didn't have any buzurg in their house.plzzzzzz raj-priyanka should win.

Man proposes and god disposes. If Pooja is fake, Priyanka is cheap.

Hey this is for Nicks one question if your sister was like Priyanka an your brother in law was like Rajbeer would you have said the same things on them...common man beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder do u define ugly God has created all of us in his image..everyone born in this world has a beauty of a kind beauty is not deep skin, or being slim and trendy...just grow up guys......