Remo D'souza showed his golden heart in Lux Dance India Dance 2

Do you remember that people used to call Remo ‘Gabbar’ for being a little stern with the contestants in Dance India Dance Season 1, but this Gabbar actually has a heart of gold as he proved it in auditions of Season 2.

A aspiring participant Chotu Lohar, who belongs to a impoverished family in Jharkhand and earns a living by working in the mines, reached for the auditions of season 2. Season 1 of Dance India Dance invoked his passion for dance and he tried to learn the art by watching television. His passion drove him to Kolkata where he left mentors spellbound with his muscle flexing. “Aap agar untrained hoke itna achha dance kar sakte ho....toh I wonder under training aap kitna achha perform karoge,” was Remo’s immediate reaction. A teary-eyed chotu said, “Sir, train karne ke liye paise kahan bharne ke liye paise nahi hote, dance karne ke liye paise kahan se laoonga.”
Master Remo was so very moved by the boy’s dedication, that he offered a life changing proposition to him. He offered him a training in his training academy all free of cost and wants him to be back in Dance India Dance Season 3.
One word from Geeta ma had changed Sanjay Sinha’s life, we hope this will give a new dimension to Chotu’s life as well.


This was a wonderful offer, and I finally understand how Remo can be so popular, he really is made of something. Ever heard that "the quieter ones are usually the wilder ones"?

I feel Remo is not only a good dancer or chreographer, He a good human being too.

If we started to finidng falult, We can find faults on everyone.

As much I know he is the BEST........

actually u can make out the politics in DID2 in chance of dharmesh.. he is a wonderful dancer and he doesnt need to prove that to anybody, being the boogie woogie, best of the best, mahayudh, winner in 2008. He had indicated his liking for remo in the beginning itself. Geeta knew it, if she was a good teacher interested in the welfare of the participants ,she would have given him to remo, so that he can grow under his tutelage but being so competitive she wanted to have a thump much he learns under her is anybody's guess..but it seems like she wants him in her team to cover her own deficiencies in hip hop, locking and popping etc...even the film fraternity feels she gets movies only due to her closeness to raj thakeray and farah khan and not due to her talents....her undercreativity was well exposed in DID1...why the producers have stuck with her...god only knows...hope talent gets better off than turf wars in DID2....the crux is can remo do anything to get dharmesh into his team?????

Touching. Great of you to do this. No publicity, no money...just pure humanity. Awesome.

hi remo.....i really like u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much 4 ur dedication n hardwrk....u really workd hard to cm in dis industry...hats off 2 u.....u r a shining star with lvly heart....i wish u veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy best f luck 4 future...i wanna c u on pinnacle......juz like m.j......