Facts about boys and girls

Girls love to shop. And boys too but not with girls.
Why boys should open doors for girls always? Why not girls do that for boys sometimes for a change? But girls close doors with a bang when they get angry.
Why boys are more comfortable with boys and more careful with girls?
Why girls and boys try to show their best face in the beginning and worst behaviour afterwards?
Why mothers are so worried about their boys and girls?
Mother thinks that her daughter is being lured by the boy and her son is lured by the other girl but never admit that her son and daughter can lure others.
Why the other big boy, the father keeps away from all these things?
Girls hide their age but publicize their birthdays.
Boys borrow to impress their girls and when they marry, they apply for loans to get rid of nagging.
When boys open their purses, wads of notes appear. When girls open their purses or handbags, little cosmetic shops appear.
The basic law. Boys with thin purses(no credit cards) have more sisters than girlfriends. Fat girls have more brothers than boyfriends.
Both boys and girls learn the art of lying to perfection. Nay, its an inborn gift.
Those who don't lie become museum pieces.



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boys are careful with girls because they always end up behaving like idiots in front of girls