Lost and Found jokes

I lost my happiness. I tried to lodge an Fir. But the officer in charge asked me basic questions like, When did you lose it? Please bring a photograph. Any enemies? Whom do you suspect? I told him that I lost it 2 days back and I dont have any photograph of happiness. I told him that there were no enemies as far as I know and so no suspects to my knowledge. The officer told me not to waste his time and to get lost. I went home and opened the fridge. There I saw some good icecream and dark chocolates. I felt happy. Yes, I found my happiness back.

Suddenly I found that somebody was following me like a shadow. I tried to run, but the thing ran behind me with equal speed. I tried to return the thing and went to the same police station and the officer was very angry on seeing me. I told him that I found something and I want to return it to the rightful owner. He asked me impatiently, "What is it?". I told him that it was some worry which was not photographed by me and which had no enemies. The officer got up and I could see some real menace in his eyes. I ran for my life.


Admin. Did you draw that wonderful and cute drawing?

no, not at all... just browsed from net