Antibiotics: side-effects and benefits

Antibiotics are the medicines for the treatment of many serious and life-threatening infections and bacterial diseases. An antibiotic is a substance or compound that kills, or inhibits the growth of, bacteria. Antibiotics belong to the broader group of antimicrobial compounds, used to treat infections caused by microorganisms, including fungi and protozoa.

When to take a Antibiotic
One should always take antibiotics after consulting the doctor and the complete dose prescribed must be taken to avoid recurrence of infection. It is often seen that people discontinue using antibiotics the moment they start feeling a little better, and the infection might reoccur.

How much to take an Antibiotic
Proper dosage of antibiotics should be taken, it can be noneffective; if taken less and can have side-effects too; if taken more. If the right antibiotic is not taken, complications could arise. So, one should be extra careful while taking antibiotics and should always let the doctor prescribe the antibiotics. It is commonly seen that people end up using antibiotics without consulting a doctor. This is often seen in cases where a person had a similar infection earlier and had taken the same antibiotics when similar symptoms occur. This should be avoided.

Benefits and side-effects of Antibiotics
In most of the infections, one should use antibiotics for 5-7 days except for some bacterial infections which require medication for 2-3 weeks. Antibiotics are generally safe and should always be taken after consulting the doctor.

The side-effects can vary from mild to life-threatening ,depending upon the antibiotics. There could be frequent loose motions, vomiting, skin allergies, effect on liver, kidney, gastric irritation, gastric bleeding and so on. Antibiotics hinder the effectiveness of other medications and might cause allergic reactions. This could lead to serious bacterial imbalance in human body and might cause other diseases. Unnecessary intake of antibiotics can cause antibiotic resistance in human body and takes longer for a body to heal from bacterial infections and diseases. In women, antibiotics may reduce the efficiency of birth control pills.

People often take similar antibiotics which they had taken earlier thinking it can treat the infection again. This should be strictly avoided.


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