Proflix - Reach masses through flipbooks

The time is reversing. Flipbooks were used to see static images into action, quite similar to watching video (FLipbooks were the first form of animations that came into live around 142 years back in the name of Kineograph patented by John Barnes Linnett). But now a new product Proflix Flipbook reversed it, now you can have your favourite video in the form of flipbook. These innovative flipbooks by proflix will have a 5 second of the video converted into a flipbook. It re-generate the video page by page into a pocket size booklet. Flick the pages and a video clip came to life right in your hands. Each trading clip has a different video segment on each side giving two great scenes per booklet. Not even the video, each trading clip can also contain 78 pages trivia, scenes info, bios, and some other interesting information that will give a flip book an added advantage over the electronic media.

You can enjoy it at your own speed. Each flip book will have two sets of action, just turn it over for another clip.

Its really a great product to advertise anything on it. It will interact through its trivia to the customers of your product. It will be a revolutionary product to promote video and computer games. It will be merely a comic book into the hands of children and what else you think will encourage children and teens to buy a computer game.

The movie world now a days looking into each and every possible ways to promote their movies by reaching the masses as much as they can. Proflix Flip book will allow them to provide a new media to show some action video in the forms of static images. Not even trivia regarding your product, you can also provide some coupons and offers through Proflix.

Proflix is in the market for the last 6 years and doing pretty good. You can check out some of the proflix products on sale on ebay.

The second part of the focus for this innovative product is on the retail side. Proflix is currently involved in the production, sale and distribution of a UK football club series of products. Proflix is replacing the common trading card with a more engaging product, Proflix UK fooball flipbook, which will certainly be a big hit with the kids out there. It is a collectible series of the great football club in UK such as Manchester United the Red Devils, Arsenal the Gunners, The Blue Chelsea and lot more clubs in the flip book. It will record some of the best action of UK football player and bring them to life each and everytime some one flips the pages. It will definitely be a must collection for all football fans especially kids. Including the action, it will also provide info, trivia and other details about the football team and players.