Rahul Mahajan's Swayamvar Sangeet - March 5 Rahul Dulhaniya

Its Sangeet of Rahul Mahajan's Swayamvar on March 5th, episode 29th. Ashutosh Kaushik and Zulfi joined Rahul along with Saloni Daini. Rahul's swayamvar sister Sambhavna Seth along with Ram Kapoor welcomed brides and their families. Dimpy was looking stunning. Nikunj mother left for Faridabad for some issues which are more important to her than her daughter's sangeet.

Ashutosh and Zulfi started the celebrations with a duet and both were pathetic but hilarious and made everybody laugh with their dancing skills. Shaleen Bhanot, Daljit Kaur Bhanot, Sanjida Shekh and Aamir Ali welcomed by Ram Kapoor to join the Rahul's sangeet as celebrity guests. Sambhavna Seth, as expected did a dance number on his brother's sangeet. Later on Celebrity guests - Shaleen and Daljit performed on Rahul Dulhaniya title song followed by Aamir and Sanjida. Both the celebriy couples performed for about 20 mins on different dance tracks.

Sachin Pilgaokar joined them with Bhangra Dancers. It was really entertaining when Bhangra people made each and everyone bhangra on bhangra drums. Harpreet really missed her father when Dimpy's father was enjoying bhangra. Sachin then performed and it was far better performance by Zulfi and Ashutosh, Sachin then joined by Dance Masterji Saroj Khan.

Now its time for the brides to perform in their sangeet, it was Nikunj performing on "merein haatho mein 9 - 9 chudiyan hai", Dimpy performed on "piya tu se naina laage re" followed by Harpreet's performance on "bole chudiyan bole Kangana".

Rahul Mahajan bid adieu to all the celebrity guests who came to attend his swayamvar's sangeet.  When asked whats if Rahul will not marry them tomorrow, brides just wished goodluck for him and they really want thats its not them. Ram Kapoor then asked Rahul whether he is ready for the D-day or not. Rahul confirmed that he already has someone in his mind and will give it a lot of thinking tonight. On asking, whether its a real marriage or some contract marriage, Rahul gave a nice reply by saying he will stick to this one through out his entire life.


More and more truth coming out about Dimpy


there could b more important things in life than daughter's sangeet party..
she will come bak for the wedding... well she went back for wedding's real arrangement.

Dimpy u r the best.

it doesnot matter what people lie

they have nothing to do like nikug to talk bad behind u

I love u and I hope u win

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