JIGREEN - Hamdard Nature Wonder for Liver Health

Sluggish Liver - a common ailment
Today our unhealthy lifestyle exposes our liver to an overdose of chemicals, pollutants and toxins. Making sluggish liver a common ailment. It's common symptoms are bad digestion, constipation, acidity after having fatty food and a general bloated feeling. That's where Hamdard Jigreen comes in.

Introducing Hamdard Jigreen
Jigreen, a multi-herb formulation is a holistic approach to a balanced, strong and well-functioning liver. Jigreen detoxifies the blood and ensures optimum liver functioning. Enriching you with a healthy appetite, digestion and general well being.

Complete Protection For Your Liver
* 100% natural formulation with no side effects
* Protects the liver from chemicals and toxins
* Helps in treating alcoholic liver problems
* Valuable adjuvant during convalescence and prolonged illness
* Beneficial for people on medication
* Clinically proven for treating liver diseases like Jaundice and Cirrhosis
* A beneficial general health supplement


hi people i am using jigreen over a period of 3 months it is amazing, although the taste is not good, but its uses are unique. iam working in a pharmaceutical company i lost my apetite and i feel bloatings after meals. when i used this medicine iam feeling great.

i jus started using this syrups...i hope it works...