Khali, Food and Bigg Boss 4

The Great Khali entered the house on Saturday, 16th October. Housemates were really thrilled to see him being one of them. Though they not sure, whether he joined as an participant or guest. The think tanks of the house, Shweta, Ashmit, Hrishant and Sameer Soni, were really tensed regarding his huge appetite. Now, the life is gonna be really hard to those who managing the kitchen because of Khali's massive diet. They now gonna have to spend hours cooking for him. But, there's a sigh of relief for them as Khali was sent his quota of food ration so that atleast they don't have to worry about it.

On Sunday 17th October morning, The Great Khali enjoyed his first breakfast. He was especially sent extra suppy of milk and 20 eggs by the Bigg Boss.
Source: Times Of India