Saas Bina Sasural Cast and Characters - Tanya, Tej and Gyan

Saas Bina Sasural has a mix of well-known actors like Darshan Zariwala, Rajendra Chawla, Ravi Dubey and Aishwarya Sakhuja essaying major roles.

Lovinly called “TOASTY” (as her mother used to eat lots of toast during her pregnancy days) belongs to a Punjabi brahmin him family, who is very cute and loving. Her father is a share broker and very open minded person and mother is a homemaker. She is a very optimistic by nature and a girl of family values who believes that life is beautiful and god is kind to one and all and that what ever happens is for good. she always carries a needle and thread in her purse.

Gyanprakash Chaturvedi
The youngest and happy go lucky schoolboy and favorite of all in the family and who gets along with everybody anywhere. He is smart, aware and updated about the nitty gritties of every individual in the family knowing a smarter way to bring a smile on their face. He knows the do’s and don’t of every individual at the back of his hand.

Prachinprakash Chaturvedi
Currently studying in college Prachinprakash is an unconventional and a weird person who also has a weird and bizzare logics behind his talks. For e.g. when we speak, our mouth generates heat which is bad for the environment as there is enough global warming happening around, so we must not talk much, we must conserve heat, trees, bacterias etc and in a way do our bit of help from our end to reduce global warming.

Tejprakash Chaturvedi
Lovingly called “TEJ” by all has recently completed his graduation. Basically a very thoughtfull, introvert, sweet, cultured, ever smiling and caring person, specially girls blindly trust him for any and everything. He wears glasses. He works with his father but wants to venture into something different but is unsure of what exactly it is. He has in him all the traits which a girl looks in for a guy, but lacks majorly a sense of dressing.

Vedprakash Chaturvedi
He is sweet in talking, Follows BRAHMCHHARYA. Extremely religious person and firmly belives in kundalini jagrat, poojapath, yoga meditation etc & that Aayurved is the only effective medicine. Always feels that everything in this world happens because of JAAR JORU N JAMMEN. He is disinterested in money and marriage, and belives in simple living and so does not wear chappals, has only 2 pairs of clothes. Very particular about health.

Pashupatinath Chaturvedi
Calls himself P M Chaturvedi, as he hates anyone who cuts shot his name and calls him pashu. He is a shadow of his father, extremely short tempered n does not get along well with his father. He is very rude and outspoken by nature, CHUN CHUN KE KADVI BATEIN KARTA HEI, by which other people get hurt, he is divorced. His marriage lasted for 18 months only and so has a very bad and bitter experience of his married life and thus feels that all women are bad and can’t stand them. He does not have an emotional touch with anyone.

Chedilal Chaturvedi
Very rich and proud owner of the oldest cloth store in Mumbai. He is very strict & rigid & has his own mind set of rules and discipline. Has seen poverty in childhood. Talks less but if required just shouts to explain bringing out the disciplinarian in him. Rarely in a month he will be approachable to talk & has not remarried since his wife’s death 14 yrs ago.

Anandilal Chaturvedi
Oldest member of the family. Has one son and five grandsons. His talks are very depressing and hopeless like, he always talks about floods, droughts, earthquackes, storms etc. He even watches depressing news on news channel. He has this knack of “tokkofying” his children when they are going out of house for some or the other work. He eats lot different types of churans.

Kavita Vaid last seen in Colors' Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg as Taiji will soon be entering the show as Chedilal's sister. She will be coming in the house as a hope which could reunite Tej (Ravi Dubey) and Toasty (Aishwarya Sakhuja).

Source: Setindia