Jwala Gutta - KBC 4 Questions - 2 November - Episode 14

The second episode of 3rd week on November 02 episode is Sports special comprises of India's pride - Susheel Kumar (Olympic Bronze and CWG Gold in Wrestling), Manoj Kumar (Boxing CWG Gold), Ashwini Ponnappa (Badminton Doubles CWG Gold), Jwala Gutta (Badminton Doubles CWG Gold), Leander Paes (12 Grand Slam Tennis Titles) and S Sreesanth (Cricketer). The amount won by these celebrities will be donated to the Dharavi students of Shri Shri Ravishankar Vidhyamandir.

The fourth week is merely a Diwali celebration week comprises of celebrities from Bollywood, Television and Sports. It is titled as Kaun Bangea Croreparti Hot Seat (KBC 4 Hot Seat). The rules are bit different. The total prize money is just Rs 1 Crore with 15 questions. There will be three levels, level 1 comprises of first five questions with time limit 30 seconds, next five questions will have 45 seconds time limit and the last 5 questions with 60 seconds only.

Amitabh Bachchan invited Susheel Kumar to begin the game.

Question 1: According to a Hindi expression, people who exaggerate an incident add what to it?
A. Malham
B. Haldi-Chuna
C. Rang-Rogan
D. Namak Mirch

Answer: Namak Mirch
Not sure Susheel Kumar passed the question to Ashwini Ponnappa. She locked option D and won Rs 1,000.

Question 2: Which of these sports are played in ring?
A. Tennis
B. Boxing
C. Chess
D. Football

Answer: Boxing
Ashwini Ponnappa locked option B and raised the charity amount to Rs 2,000.

Question 3: How many months of the year do not have either 30 days or 31 days?
A. Two
B. One
C. Three
D. Four

Answer: One
Ashwini Ponnappa locked option C and the donation amount became Rs 3,000.

Question 4: In this film, to which country does this team go to play in the World Cup? (Video Clip showing Chak De song from movie)
B. Australia
C. Netherlands
D. South Africa

Answer: Australia
Ashwini Ponnappa, though not a Bollywood fan, confidently locked option B and won Rs 5,000

Question 5: Saif, Saba and Soha Ali Khan are children of which of these personalities?
A. Amjad Ali Khan
B. Feroze Khan
C. Imran Khan
D. M A K Pataudi

Answer: M A K Pataudi
Ashwini Ponnappa locked option D and won Rs 10,000 for donation.

Question 6: Which place is home to the East Bengal Football Club?
A. Dhaka
B. Kolkatta
C. Chittagong
D. Guwahati

Answer: Kolkatta
Ashwini Ponnappa locked option B and increased the charity amount to Rs 20,000.

Question 7: Who is the present Bishop of Rome?
A. Basellos Thomas I
B. Gregory III Laham
C. Benedict XVI
D. Dr Rowan Williams

Answer: Benedict XVI
Ashwini Ponnappa locked option D. She lost the game and has to leave it. Now the top prize is reduced from 1 Crore to 50 lakh. Ashwini Ponnappa is replaced by Leander Paes.

Question 8: Which countries national flag is this?
A. Russia
B. China
C. Poland
D. Japan

Answer: China
Leander Paes locked option B and won Rs 40,000.

Question 9: Which personality's voice is this?
(Hum tamam un logon ko naukri dene ki koshish karte hai jinme kuch chamta hai kuch karne ki, sadak par khade hokar....)
A. Sunil Gavaskar
B. Vinod Khanna
C. Kapil Dev
D. Sharugan Sinha

Answer: Kapil Dev
Leander Paes locked option C and won Rs 80,000

Question 10: Which Bollywood actress shares her name with a hurricane that hit the USA in 2005?
A. Celina
B. Katrina
C. Genelia
D. Helen

Answer: Katrina
Leander Paes locked option B and won Rs 1,60,000

Question 11: Which of these games has been included as a medal sport in 2010 Asian Games for the first timing?
A. Golf
B. Cricket
C. Football
D. Baseball

Answer: Cricket
Leander Paes, after giving a thought, locked option B and won Rs 3,20,000.

Question 12: Which of the following games is named after a village in Gloucestershire, England?
A. Billiards
B. Badminton
C. Blathlon
D. Bowls

Answer: Badminton
Leander Paes passed the question to Sreesanth. He locked option C, as a result Sreeshanth is removed from the game and the maximum winning amount reduced to 25 lakh only. S Sreesanth is replaced by Jwala Gutta

Question 13: Which of these tract events covers the maximum distance?
A. 4X100m Relay
B. 800m
C. 4X400m relay
D. 1500m

Answer: 4X400m relay
Jwala Gutta locked option C and won Rs 6.40 lakh.

Question 14: Who became president of the ICC in 2010?
A. Suresh Kalmadi
B. Sharad Pawar
C. John Howard
D. Haroon Lorgat

Answer: Sharad Pawar
Jwala passed the question to Manoj Kumar. He locked option B and the donation amount became Rs 12.50 lakh.

Question 15: In the Mahabharata, who learnt the art of breaking into a 'Chakravyuha' while still in the mother's womb?
A. Ghatotkach
B. Ashwathama
C. Abhimanyu
D. Arjuna

Answer: Abhimanyu
Manoj Kumar locked option C and the charity amount for Shri Shri Ravishankar Vidhyamandir, Dharavi became Rs 25 lakh. The Donated the amount to Dharavi children.