Navya on Star Plus - Story, Cast, Characters

Swastik Pictures and Vivek Bahl, Executive Creative Director of Star Plus are coming up with a new show on Star Plus titled as "Navya".

Navya is basically a simple love story. The story talks about the girl’s journey, how her life changes when she gets married. Navya belongs to a middle class North Indian family in Mumbai. Newcomer Soumya Seth has been cast as Navya and Kshitee Jog plays her mother. Saheer Shaikh plays Navya’s love interest who is also a newcomer.

Navya symbolises the new young generation of India. A 19-year old college goer, Navya is an extremely identifiable and average girl-next-door, who is confused about her life like a lot of young India is. Navya naturally balances modernity & traditionalism in her day-to-day life without even consciously thinking about it. Like most youngsters today, Navya has middle class parents, who constantly struggle between being parents and friends to their children.

Her friends enjoy better freedom at home - one of them also has a boyfriend and Navya secretly wishes for one who would do mushy things for her, yet she is happy in her own world. As luck would have it, Navya falls in love with Anant, a boy hailing from a traditional and conservative family. Over time, the story beautifully captures Navya and Anant’s journey of love and their trials and tribulations in trying to stay uniquely Indian and yet moving ahead with the times.