Navya and Anant in love on Star Plus' Navya

Love is blossoming in STAR Plus’ prime time show Navya. When a surprised Anant questioned Navya on missing the picnic bus to Panchgani, Navya surprises him by claiming she did it for him

In the rush of emotions, Navya tells Anant that she likes being with him, talking to him and when he is with her, she feels good. Her confession overwhelms Anant who hugs her in reply. The two will remain oblivious to everyone else but each other during the picnic, enjoying their time together. On the other hand, a love triangle will brew as Anant’s bhabhi, Rama’s sister, Shagun, will try to win over Anant’s mother’s appreciation. Shagun, who stays in Anant’s house, has ample opportunity to impress Anant. Now that Anant is away at the picnic, she will impress his mother by taking up the responsibility of the household. Shagun will try her level best to make an impact with his mother and Bua dadi and ensure that they accept her in their family. Before Anant returns, Bua dadi will be impressed with Shagun and on Rama’s insistence, decide that she is a perfect match for Anant.