Tina Dutta (Ichcha) threatens to quit Uttaran again.

Tina Dutta aka Ichcha of Uttaran has yet again threatened to quit the show. She never reports on time on the sets and this has become her daily routine now. However those who suffer are not just her co-actors but the daily wage workers as they never get their breaks on time and often have to stay back to accommodate her. Despite their complaints no action was taken to rectify this and hence the workers decided to take up the matter with CINTAA.

When CINTAA officials came to the sets they found Nandish Sandhu (Veer) and Rashmi Desai (Tapasya) shooting but Tina was still in her make-up room. Hence she got a warning but instead of taking it in the positive spirit the actress banged her make-up room door on their face. She then called up the production house and threatened to quit the show. However she will have to give a month’s notice before she quits.