Anjum Farooki got cosy with Shashank Vyas in Ballika Vadhu

Anjum Farooki aka Gauri of Balika Vadhu was beaming with joy about her marriage with Jagya (Shashank Vyas). But instead of a happy beginning to a new life on screen, Anjum had to answer some tough questions to her real-life parents about the storyline.

Anjum's parents are highly disappointed with her reel wedding with Jagya on Balika Vadhu. Apparently, her parents are die-hard Anandi-Jagya fans and didn't expect Gauri to marry Jagya! It seems like a vicious circle for Gauri, as she was first in a similar predicament with her in-laws and now her parents! If this was not enough, while Anjum was shooting some intimate scenes Gauri and Jagya's first night, her parents were a tad uncomfortable. In spite of sharing a good rapport with Shashank, Anjum too was a little anxious during the sequences. But being true professionals, both Anjum and Shashank discussed the scene before the final shot.
Source: TOI