Ishaan and Shashikala to get married in Sasural Genda Phool

In Star Plus' Sasural Genda Phool, romance and love between the cute couple Ishaan and Suhana has gone missing since Ishaan lost his memory. There is some good news for the viewers as the love story between Ishaan and Suhana aka Shashikala will blossom in the upcoming episodes and they will eventually get married.

As we already know that Suhana has left the Kashyap house and is back with her father as per Ishaan’s instructions. After spending some cosy moments with her Ishaan has started liking and admiring her but he will also feel guilty as she’s already married. In the upcoming episodes the show will take a dramatic turn as Ishaan will marry Shashikala and during the wedding ceremony in temple Ishaan will suddenly start speaking about the moments he had spent with Suhana. The entire Kashyap family will be amazed and happy as Ishaan regains his memory. Once the amnesia track gets over in the show viewers can get to see a new love story between Deepak and Sanjana.