Rakhi Sawant enjoys wearing C - Strings

Rakhi Sawant, the item girl and the biggest controversy queen,  has stirred the hornet's nest all over again. After stoically declaring that she wants to insure her body parts, the item gal is now ready to extol her experience with C-Strings. Readers would remember that she had gone on record to claim that she wanted to be the first celebrity on Indian telly to flaunt a C-String. Now after flaunting it for quite sometime on her show Gazab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaniyaan on Imagine TV, Rakhi gives us the details of this sexy 'C-experience'

Rakhi almost stuns you into silence as she says: "Personally speaking, I really don't like to expose." Ask her in bewilderment, as to why did she demand for a C-string in that case, and the bindaas gal replies without much ado: "I have till now worn G-strings only. Since I'm wearing very short dresses in Gazab Desh, I didn't want the pantyline to show. That's why I insisted on C-string and the channel people have sourced these for me from abroad."

Whatever her reasons, but this C-String of hers has certainly created a furore in India. So, was this new tryst with sensuous undergarments motivated by some of the Indian stars, who were caught on-camera wearing nothing on different occasions? Rakhi replies without any hesitation: "Yes, that was one major concern because of the mini dresses that I'm wearing. I didn't want to be caught off-guard while sitting or crossing my legs."

Now that she's been wearing these C-strings for a while, what's her take on these sexy pieces of dressing? "Honestly speaking, I was very scared initially that my C-strings would fall. After all, they are stuck to your body sans any supporting strings. So, while dancing and jumping in the chat show, I would try to keep my legs closed. But, now I'm actually enjoying wearing these sexy undergarments," says Rakhi with a hearty laugh.