Naman Gor to debut with Channel V's Gumrah

Naman Gor, the younger brother of Pooja Gor a.k.a Pratigya where as Nirav Soni, Jay Soni's younger brother will feature in one of the episodic of Channel V's Gumrah - End of innocence. Naman Gor is debuting on Indian Television with this show.

The story is inspired by the Adnan Patrawala case. Adnan was kidnapped and killed by his friends in August 2007. He had been strangled and had left home to meet with friends.According to the police,the group of alleged murderers wanted to make some quick money.

Mayank Gandhi who played the negative role in Zee TV's Kasam Se will also play one of the important characters in the show. He will be the one who instigates the plan